miércoles, septiembre 12, 2012


Nueva empresa de miniaturas Attica Games, desde FyD le tendremos en el punto de mira.

Exciting times! It has taken a while to get to a formal launch and a big thanks to all those who have helped, but here is Attica – a brainchild born of serious illness and incredibly strong pain killers last May, now kicks and screams its way to life a year later. Our first lines – the ESPchers, the Molten Meteor and the Graduates are now for sale in our on-line shop and there’s more background on the gang here at Attica in About Us.

Expect pretty regular updates and WIP shots here on the front page and feel free to get in touch with your thoughts, ideas and in particular pictures of our minis in operation.

Our first rule set for the skirmish game Shiver is hopefully not too far off – but more on that and on what’s coming soon.


This. Is. Attica!

2 comentarios:

  1. Diooos, los silents!!!! Entre las minis de heresy, de black tree y de crooked dice ya estan casi todas las minis del dr who O.o

  2. Ah, y el molten meteor, es de primer episodio de Torchwood, que es un ente gaseoso que se alimenta de eneria sexual (torchwood es un spin off del Dr Who)


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