sábado, agosto 25, 2012


Warlord Games presente un set de dados de ordenes en varios colores para su juego Bolt Action.

One of the hot topics of recent weeks has been around when you can get your hands on the special Bolt Action Orders Dice. Pontificate no more – you can pre-order these now!

These are four different products – Brown, Grey, Sand and Green dice packs. In addition to them being sold separately you can also buy a set of dice and the rulebook pre-order offer saving yourself a little bit of money.

pre-order now in store

pre-order in store

For those of you who have yet to place an order for the Bolt Action rulebook you can do so here! In addition to the rulebook we’ll also send a fantastic exclusive FREE miniature depicting a British Paratrooper carrying a wounded comrade. We expect pre-orders to be sent out the week of the 20th September and you’ll also be receiving your free ‘Never Surrender!’ miniature as part of your pre-order.

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