sábado, agosto 25, 2012


A falta de 36 días y en menos de 24 horas del lanzamiento ya han alcanzado los 40.000 $ y han publicado la segunda actualización.

En los siguientes niveles ampliaran con un trofeo para todas las donaciones de 30 $ o más, y en el que le sigue ampliaran los equipos de la cajas a 10 miniaturas cada uno.

Wow, what a start to the weekend!

Not only are we now fully funded but we’ve smashed the first stretch goal meaning there’s now a refbot in every copy of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game!

We're quickly approaching a milestone number and to celebrate this amazing achievement we wanted to give all of you a little special something…

$50,000 – the 50K Cup!
Everyone likes winning - why? Because they get a big cup at the end of it, that's why!

Well, we're all winners with a copy of DreadBall and, if we pass through this goal, we'll create a unique and exclusive DreadBall trophy and include it with pledges of Guard ($30) and up to mark this special occasion!

BUT – that’s not all we have going on…

$60,000 – Expand your teams!

If we pass through this goal, you’ll allow us to do a set of alternatively posed Corporation and Marauder players. To say thank you, we’ll add two of each of the newly posed figures to DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game, upping the teams to 10 players each!

The new models are fully useable in the game straight away as you can have up to 14 players (including MVPs!) on your roster pad!

Photo for illustrative purposes only – alternate poses not actually shown.

Photo for illustrative purposes only – alternate poses not actually shown.

We'll then get into the business of unlocking some more teams and MVPs... Forge Fathers next anyone?

Thanks again!

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