jueves, agosto 09, 2012


Tercera actualizacón del kickstarter de Relic Knights, enseñan a los Doctrine, genial conept sobre todo del grandullon y pantera.

Wow, at this rate everything will be done before the week is out! Doctrine unlocked!

Miniatures of the concepts above are what you will receive in the Doctrine Faction Starter. Final sculpts may vary in pose and details.


While it is true that Codifiers gain their mastery of Esper through careful study and implementation of the arcane writings of the Doctrines, it is a mistake to think they are frail sages who crumble in the crucible of battle. To truly master the Doctrines requires not only strength of mind but also of body and a codifier trained for battle is just as likely to follow up a fiery blast of Esper with a skull cracking swing of their stave.

What you get in the Doctrine Faction Starter:
Relic Knight (Kisa),
Cypher (Scratch),
1 Minion (1 Librarian),
3x Minions (Novitiates),
Quick Start Rules,
Esper Deck,
Tracker Cards,
Data Cards,

And of course, the optional Fiametta and Hasami!

Fiametta and Hasami. If ever there was trouble brewing, it would be found with these two. However rigid the Doctrine lays down its precepts, sometimes the rebellious nature of its students wins over. Whether pitching whole wings of their mystical university into ashen ruin, or hurling a storm of metal shards from the shadows, these two powerful mages are eager to uncover the mystery of the Darkspace.

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