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Primera meta alcanzada Shattered Sword Paladins. Increibles diseños y miniaturas.

Wow, not even 4 hours into the campaign and we have our first unlock... theShattered Sword Paladins!

Miniatures of the concepts above are what you will receive in the Shattered Sword Paladins Faction Starter. Final sculpts may vary in pose and details.


Though few in number, the might of the Paladin orders has kept the peace and fought for civilization since their founding. When assailed by the worst horrors and evil the universe can muster, there is not a creature that does not look skyward in hopes of seeing the falling stars of the Paladins’ meteoric strike. Their armor gleaming white, their swords and lances tipped at the throats of evil, who could possible stand before them?


What you get in the Shattered Sword Paladins Faction Starter:
Relic Knight (Sebastian Cross),
Cypher (Rook),
2 x Paragons,
3 x Sword Sworn,
Quick Start Rules,
Esper Deck,
Tracker Cards,
Data Cards,

And not forgetting the optional purchase -

Not a typical Paladin, Austrican's beastly appearance belies a noble heart. Don't think he'll be soft on his opponents in battle though, his powerful hammer strikes are legendary and feared!

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