viernes, agosto 31, 2012


Ya han superado otra meta más pero a la espera que actualicen la información, os dejo esta entrada donde viene una imagen muy esclarecedora de lo que trae el Kickstarter.

Here's a great video that Throne of Angels put together showing a FULL RELIC KNIGHTS GAME played with no other than John Cadice himself, co-owner of Soda Pop Miniatures.

Also, for those of you confused by all the new stuff we've added as the Kickstarter has progressed, here's a little infographic on how to handle Savior of the Universe.

Click this link to get a fully expanded view, it's 1600 pixels wide and presents Savior in all its glory! For Double Savior and Got to Get Em All, just multiply everything in this guide by 2 and 3 respectively.

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