viernes, agosto 31, 2012


Otra meta mas en el Kickstarter de DreadBall, se amplían los equipos de la caja básica y ahora van a por el siguiente MVP a los 125.000 $.

You’ve done it again – Stretch Goal smashed!

That’s now two Corporation and two Marauder Players added to Striker! meaning you now get…


Amazing thank you!

$125,000 – John Doe, MVP
If we pass through this stretch goal, we will produce John Doe – an alien MVP that can play for all of the teams (except the Marauders, no one knows why he refuses to play for them):

John Doe - Of course that’s not his real name. His real name takes three minutes to say and major surgery to pronounce. Unlike some of his more mysterious fellow MVPs, John Doe is happy to discuss his history and origins; it’s just that few people can understand.

Help us produce John Doe and we will include him into Jack and Striker! (and don’t forget you’ll get multiples of the rewards in Cheerleader, Showboater and League Sponsor!

PS – watch out for today’s newsletter and another update this afternoon, we’ve got some exceptional add-ons coming up to really sweeten the deal.

Onwards to John Doe!

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