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El Kickstarter de Soda Pop Miniatures no para de crecer, en la última meta han aumentado todos los Starter para el Kickstarter, en los siguientes niveles se desbloquearan más opciones para comprar y un nuevo aumento de los starter a los 350.000 $. ¡A por ellos!

Zinenda and Spite - Traditionally priestesses of the Hydra God strive to ensure their neutrality as Nozuki’s voice and serve as arbitrators between the eight Noh Dragon Fleets. In accordance to her role as High Priestess, Zineda, continues this custom.

Leopold Magnus & Static - The Synod, the enigmatic council which controls the Galactic Merchants have taken a great interest in the Esper creatures known as cyphers and even greater interest in the constructs of war, the Relics. Leopold is determined to unravel their mysteries and will literally stop at nothing to achieve his ends. His cypher, Static, seems all too willing to help him out in his pursuit, especially when it involves tearing apart enemy relics and severing other cypher’s connections to Esper.

Francis Mallory & Quill - Francis is the oldest surviving Paladin of the Shattered Sword. Upon the manifesting of Sebastian’s cypher, Rook, and eventual discovery of his Relic, Francis nobly stepped aside, giving the title of First to Sebastian. Now unburdened by the role of leadership he is given to taking up obscure quests and battles that normally the order could not spare resources for.

Delphyne & Ekhis - Given the natural tendency for those with cyphers to be drawn into combat one may consider it cruel that Delphyne, a girl of barely eight cycles, would be burdened with such a "gift". Yet it is undeniable that her cypher, Ekhis has taken her safety into account with his physical manifestation. The massive cypher has proven himself more than capable of acting as Delphyne's protector countless times.

Suicide Queen & Rollo - For Suicide Queen, life was easier before her cypher, Rollo appeared. In those days all the leader of the gang, Hells Bells, needed to concern herself with was cracking heads and strong arming racers and pit crews who thought they could zoom through the miles of Cerci Speed Circuit racing track criss-crossing her turf without paying.

Captain Harker & CeaserHarker has plundered and pillaged across space with such success that he could buy a planet and retire in opulent splendor. However, such a life is not for him. For him the lure of the stars is too strong. He thrives on the thrill of the raid and relishes in outwitting the greatest opponents.

And now... for your optional enjoyment. These two officially licensed Penny Arcade characters will only be available during this Kickstarter and any remainder at conventions in 2013!

Picarooning is hard work. The life of adventure as an interstellar corsair breeds a hardy lot, and Wildspace Gabe is no different. Festooned with blasters, his trusty cutlass, and his lucky tatoo - Wildspace has railed against the darkspace that stole from him his homeworld, his family, and everything he has ever known. Tapping into that raging beast, Wildspace has made a name for himself among the spacelanes, pillaging to add to his own horde, and facing the oblivion of the darkspace on his own terms. With Wildspace goes his cypher, The Merch. The dark influence of this creature is ever pushing Wildspace to new heights of plunder, The Merch has demonstrated a bizarre compulsion for collectinghuman torsos, should the pile of booty not be high enough. His shipmates often wonder who works for who.

Codifier Brahe has long ago left the Esper scorched dormitories and hallowed halls of the Doctrine's most elite university to find a way to halt the darkspace. A prefect of unimaginable skill, and a warriors grip of the doctrine's codex, Tycho Brahe, a fully-fledged codifier, has set out save the universe by discovering the "omega code". As the universe seems to favor personalities of such magnitude and import, Tycho's cypher,FF9000, was revealed to him in the form of a favorite breakfast making appliance. Now these two friends, with a universe of secrets and fruit to discover, set out into the vast reach of stars to find their fate.

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