miércoles, agosto 29, 2012


Quedan 32 días para que finalice este Kickstarter y ya se ha desbloqueado el equipo de los Veer-myn y su MVP, para la siguiente meta Wildcard.


That's the Veer-myn unlocked and two free Veer-myn players into Jack and Striker! Not only that, but if you've pledged Striker or want a Veer-myn team, you'll now get the awesome Reek Rolat MVP added to your pledge as well!

This means that if you've pledged Striker you now get all four teams (10 Players each!) and all four MVPs as well! Get your mates involved and get those Early Birds before they're gone.

Right then, we're onto a major milestone:

$100,000 - Wildcard!

If we pass this goal we will create Wildcard – a brand new MVP made possible only by Kickstarter!

To mark this major milestone we will include her free in Jack and Striker! We'll have more background on this lovely lady in a future update!

Not only that but we will add a free set of awesome special edition Acrylic Countersto Striker!, unique to Kickstarter (pics to follow in a future update!)

Finally, we’ll also be able to include a free ticket to a future DreadBall event either at Mantic Towers, Tabletop Nation in November or at Adepticon 2013 (note this does not include entry to Adepticon!) so you’ll be able to come down, play and talk to the guys behind the game!

Thank you once again - we’ve got even more exciting Stretch Goals coming up as we continue to add more MVPs, more players and even more goodies into the reward levels!

Don't forget that you'll need to get your teams painted so we've put together four great paint set bundles for all of the teams which you can find on the main page!

Or, if you don't want to paint the miniatures yourself you can get the entirety of Striker! - that's four teams and four MVPs (so far!) - painted by Golem Painting Studio in team colours of your choice, and that includes all future rewards, such as the lovely WildcardMVP!

Please support us and keep spreading the word!

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