viernes, agosto 24, 2012


Quedan 16 días para que finalice el Kickstarter de Relic Knight, y con este nuevo nivel se ha desbloqueado a Fiametta en disfraz de colegiada, y ya nos pone el siguiente nivel en que desbloquean un personaje para cada facción eso quiere decir que la cantidad de miniaturas en los starter vuelven a aumentar para este Kickstarter. Solo es un suspiro hasta los 260.000 $.

Whatever power she calls on, she is always dressed for the job. Fiametta has always fancied the flutter of a uniform bedecked in pleats and ribbon.

Of course, why we're all here, lovely as Fiametta is, Boost Level 2!

Shattered Sword

o Isabeau Durand - After joining the ranks of the Paladin Order, Isabeau nurtured her skills as a warrior as well as the healing arts. Supporting her brother and sister paladins on the field of battle, and hoping to one day find the band of Noh slavers that took her family.

Cerci Speed Circuit

o Rin Farrah - The Cerci Speed Circuit is no mere raceway. It is an entire planet given wholly to the adrenaline rush of speed. The outcome of premier events such as Cerci Prime have caused the loss of entire corporations and left governments in ruin. Such high stakes require strict measures to control “audience participation” .


o Togan and Cecelia – Old man Togan holds his office together with the veracity of the thinning straps on his university robes. It's good he has the indefatigable Cecilia to clean up after his messes.


o Iron Chef – Calico Kate has very particular tastes, and her eight foot tall four armed galley cook, simply called “Iron Chef” is sure to be wherever she is. Fiercely loyal, and the freshest ingredients, whatever you do, don’t end up on the menu!

Noh Empire

o Marikan-To – Master of the Lords hunt, Marikan-to leads the Noh’s far ranging scouts, hunting down enemies and piercing them with rods of dark energy from their archaic looking bows.

Black Diamond

o Suspect 7 – The Black Diamond can afford the best corporate assassins from around the Galaxy. Suspect 7 is no different. It is said she can be anywhere for any target, it just gets strange when she is on both sides of the galaxy at the same time fulfilling two different contracts.

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