viernes, agosto 24, 2012


Quedan 17 días para que finalice el Kickstarter de Fanticide, en esta actualización por haber llegado a los 5.000 $ premiaran con una miniatura gratis del unicornio a todos las donaciones superiores a 45 $. Ademas añadimos un poema extraído del reglamento sobre esta criatura.

$5000 Reached - We're halfway there!

Thank you all so much for the great reception to the Fanticide Kickstarter. We have reached the halfway goal already and we are only 2 days into the project! As a thank you for this fantastic support, all backers at the Slasher Level ($45) and Above will receive this fantastic Unicorn model absolutely free!

The Unicorns of Nowhere are voracious killing machines and not your usual sparkly, happy creatures! As a crucial Event Card in the game, we wanted to make sure that everyone had one as soon as possible!

So thank you again for your support and keep spreading the word. We are planning some other surprises for you before it is all over!

Añadimos aquí un poema extraído del reglamento, este extracto es sobre los unicornios.

The Unicorn

When brilliant colors brush rain-damp earth,
When clouds give way to light –
This is when you must hide, Child, hide
For such colors are violent harbingers
Of a beautiful death and despair;
It’s under the rainbow’s grisly light
That Unicorns move out to feed.
Flesh is what elegant horns seek out;
Flesh of you and Flesh of me,
Our bones picked clean by graceful snouts.
Sacrifice not your loved ones to slender hooves,
For nothing sates the foul beasts’ thirst,
A thirst for Flesh and Blood and Bone.
When clouds give way to light,
And colors arch across blue skies,
You must hide, Child, hide.
And beware the lovely Unicorn
Who craves your flesh with teeth like thorns.

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