lunes, agosto 27, 2012


A falta de 20 días en la actualización 13 comentan los chicos de Dreamforge han preguntado si querían para las siguientes metas otra opciones de tropas, pero más de un 90% de las peticiones fueron armas extras para los leviatanes.

In update number 11, I asked my backers for their opinion on adding another troop option to the mix; the heavy troopers.

Many thought they were great and would love to see them, but perhaps later, many were worried that I may overextend myself, but the overwhelming feedback was that nearly everyone wanted more weapon options for the Leviathans. When I say overwhelming,out of 130+ comments… well over 90% agreed that they would like to see more weapon options for the Leviathans! Do you know how rare it is when we are dealing with this kind of product to get a 90% unanimous viewpoint? Rare enough for me to sit up and take notice!

If you know me, and many of you don’t, I like to listen to my customer base, and where possible make changes to keep the majority of them happy and supply them with cool things they want and need.

Based on the feedback, I will be re-visiting some of my offerings for the $100k+ stretch rewards to include some weapon options for your Leviathans.

I look forward to posing up some of these goodies for your enjoyment ;)

Thank you for your help!

Mark Mondragon

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