lunes, agosto 27, 2012


El kickstarter continua avanzando a buen ritmo. Se desbloquearon los jugadores extras para ambos equipos de la caja básica, para los 75.000 $ desbloquearan el equipo delos enanos y a su MVP Gorim Ironstone, que lo recibirán gratis todos aquellos que eligan el equipo enano o este incluido en la opción que hayan seleccionado.

Crazy stuff – that’s another stretch goal blown away! We’ve now added four new players to DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game, and you’ve made it possible for us to put them in alternative poses as well!

Not only that but we’ve also added the Forge Father Midgard Delvers team to the optional extras as an additional add-on in anticipation of the next stretch goal!

$75,000 – Gorim Ironstone and the Midgard Delvers!

This goal is all about the Forge Fathers.

Not only will we add two Forge Father Midgard Delver players to Jack and an additional two players to Striker! but, if we pass this goal, we’ll also be able to createGorim Ironstone – a Forge Father MVP – and unlock it on the chart!

Early work-in-progress concept art

MVPs are the stars of the show – rare and unique players of galaxy-wide renown! From Goblin Strikers to tentacle-toed aliens (check out the video to see what we mean!), each come with special abilities that can alter the way your team plays. The amazing DreadBall Rulebook contains stats for eight of these great players, including Gorim Ironstone, “Slippery Joe” and “Lucky” Logan!

BUT we won’t just produce Gorim Ironstone – we’ll also include him free with every Forge Father team included in your pledge:

- If your pledge already includes the Midgard Delvers Forge Father team - you’ve pledged Striker! ($150+) or you choose Forge Fathers for your choice of team atGuard ($30+) – you’ll get Gorim Ironstone absolutely free!

- If you add the Midgard Delvers Forge Father team to your pledge through the Extra Add-ons at the bottom of the main page then we’ll include Gorim Ironstone absolutely free! Simply increase your pledge by the appropriate amount and let us know what you want via the survey we’ll send out after the Kickstarter has closed on the 30th September and we'll include your free figure!

Exciting stuff!

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