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A las puertas de pasar la siguiente meta del Kickstarter, Mantic Games nos ofrece una entrada en las que nos hablan un poco sobre el sistema de acciones libres del Dreadball.

The start of this Kickstarter project has been sensational, truly exceptional. We've had a few gameplay questions and James Hewitt, who has worked on DreadBall with Jake for the last couple of months now, has taken to the forums to answer them!

Here’s a snippet:

“A key mechanic that comes up is the "free action" system. When a player does particularly well at certain skill tests, he gets to take a free action - for example, when catching, a test that scores two or more successes lets the catching player immediately take a Run or Throw action. If the catching player is a Striker, he can do both. These free actions can link up as much as you like, forming a potentially unbroken chain of actions.

However, if you lose the ball - either unintentionally (by falling over!) or intentionally (by throwing and missing) - your turn is over. It's not uncommon to see a skilled player take advantage of these free actions and, by taking several risks and pushing his luck, score a high-point Strike in the first turn of the game. Scoring is a lot more common than it is in some other sports games, with most games involving a tug-of-war between the two teams as Strikes are scored.

Speaking of Strikes - did I mention that a Strike doesn't stop play? Nothing does, in fact. Once the game starts, it's one long drive until the winner is declared. Whenever a Strike is successfully made, the scoring player's turn ends, and his opponent's turn starts with the ball being fired table-football-style from one end of the centre line.”

Check out the thread here to see more and if you’ve got any questions please message us, leave us a comment or ask James!

PS: We’ve now sold out of the Early Bird Strikers and the Team Colours reward levels but we've been on the phone and Golem Painting Studio have agreed to paint up more copies of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game! This means that we’ve got three more Team Colours rewards back on the main page!

In addition, you can still team up with a mate and make use of our early bird offers on the Cheerleader and Showboater rewards!

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