viernes, junio 22, 2012


Ya tenemos los hombres de armas asegurados, ahora les toca el turno a los paladines a pie con armas a dos manos. A por ellos.

Amazing – in less than 24 hours the Celestian Men-at-Arms are in! Thank you so much!
We’re now included 1 Men-at-Arms model in all pledges of $100 or more, and a unit of 5 models in pledges of $175 or more!
They are now also available in our Buy One Get One free section on the main page!
As promised on the newsletter, Human Paladins on Foot are next!
$250,000 - Celestian Human Paladins on Foot
We will produce a unit of Celestian Paladins on Foot.
These human Paladins will be fully kitted out with Full Plate Armour and a two-handed sword and will support the Men-at-Arms, Battle Sisters and the Angel Paladins when they wage war!
Check-out this quick concept we’ve had done:
We’re already going to be replacing the studded armour with full breast plate and the sword will get extra detail as well, but we hope you like this early direction!
If we break this stretch goal we will include 1 Paladin model in all pledges of $100 or more, or a unit of 5 models in pledges of $175 or more!
$250,000 is a landmark moment, so we’re going to be giving something extra away for free as well… our first novel - The Bloodstone of Cerillion written by Jonathan Peace, absolutely free on all pledges of $50 or more!
P.S. I’ve also got concepts of the Mummy which I’ll be showing off tomorrow too!

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