viernes, junio 22, 2012


That’s the Celestian Battle Sisters in and a major milestone in the project achieved – we’re over 4,000% funded!!
To celebrate this amazing milestone, we will now include 1 Battle Nun model in all pledges of $100 or more, or a unit of 5 models in pledges of $175 or more!
They are now also available in our Buy One Get One Free section on the main page!
We’re having another emergency planning meeting to give you guys some juicy stretch goals for over the weekend which we’ll detail a bit later when we know more, but how about we kick things off with another Celestian unit!
£225,000 – Celestian Men-at-arms
We will produce a unit of Celestian Men-at-Arms to support the new army.
If we break this stretch goal we will include 1 Men-at-Arms model in all pledges of $100 or more, or a unit of 5 models in pledges of $175 or more!
They will also be available in our Buy One Get One free section on the main page!
Supporting Concept Art - Weapon options and component configuration has not yet been decided. Not final concept art.
We are now in the last 60 hours of this project and the whole thing has been an incredible success – and it’s all down to you guys. We’re on the final push and we’ll have a couple of special extras you’ll be able to get before it closes.
There will never be another deal like this for Kings of War so don’t miss it - and please keep telling everyone you know!!
Thanks for supporting Mantic!

3 comentarios:

  1. increbile el boceto de los hombres de armas...ufff.

  2. tenemos que tener a roberto cerillo hasta los mismisimos con tanto donativo...el pobre esta diseñando a destajo jajaja.

  3. Increíbles!
    Por cierto no se ven las imágenes en el blog (al menos yo no) así que he tenido que pinchar en la página que posteo Mantic e ir a la página de origen.


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