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Relic Knights ha publicado otro update más antes de empezar los envios y en esta ocasión muestran todas las miniaturas producidas gracias al Kickstarter en un video. Ya queda menos para tenerlas y ver la calidad final en mano. El vídeo es muy prometedor y la verdad que ambos estamos encantados. Ahora solo queda esperar algunos ajustes en algunos modelos para empezar con los envíos. Recordad que este proyecto se ha alargado la espera muchísimo, así que hay mucha gente muy ansiosas.

Hello everyone,

We know you are all patiently waiting for news, thank you so much for your support with us through this process,

To ensure that this project is delivered with the quality expected both by us and by you, we are doing final quality checks on the production. To give you a sense of the massive scale of this endeavor this production run encompasses the 272 page full color rulebook, and over 210,000 boxed products with almost 500,000 miniatures, plus all of their game cards. Needless to say any error at this critical stage is something we are being extra careful to avoid. We want nothing less than to bring Relic Knights to neon blasting life.

In our review, we have encountered a problem with our base inserts and tokens which are in need of some tooling adjustments to get them done to meet our quality expectations and obligations to our kickstarter backers. While they are finalizing those elements, we are taking that time to address a few sizing issues with final packaging we caught at the last minute. After these final tweaks are done, we should be able to begin assembling your individual orders and getting them out to you and will update again when we begin.

Thank you again for your patience. Like you, we are extremely excited to have the Relic Knights universe brought to our tabletops - the models are pretty much done, so please enjoy this video of the production models, almost the entire range is in this video, be sure to watch it till the end!

- the Soda Pop Miniatures and CMoN team

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