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Marrow Production añade un Free Gift para el Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, que tenían muy bien guardado. Esta actualización esta acompañada por una ilustración de A. J. Manzanedo, ya hemos visto unas cuantas de su increíble trabajo en Journey: Wrath of Demons y esta no es menos. Todos participantes recibirán una miniatura en plástico o en resina, dependiendo del perk que hayan escogido completamente gratis y desde ya. Para los que no estáis interesados en el Kickstarter y estáis esperando a la edición en tiendas, recordaros que esta miniatura será parte de una expansión. ¿Que os parece la inclusión de un quinto peregrino al juego Wargamer?

This is a huge update! We are at the halfway mark in our campaign and we have a great announcement to make. It’s perfect timing, we literally saw this wonderful art by A.J. Manzanedo just minutes ago.

We wanted this. Backers asked for this. Now it’s ready. A fifth Pilgrim. A female Pilgrim! The Dragon Princess, Xiao Yan.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Xiao Yan Art A. J. Manzanedo (Marrow Production)

First some background. In the original story, Tripitaka’s horse is referred to as a Pilgrim, even though the story often talks about 4 Pilgrims. Confusing? Perhaps this is because the White Dragon Horse is just a horse and does not play much part in the storyline. The White Dragon Horse was originally the third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea, the Dragon Prince, transformed into Tripitaka’s trusty steed after eating Tripitaka’s first horse and being defeated by the Monkey King.

The trickster Monkey doesn’t mind if we bend the rules a little. We wanted a female main character, but changing the gender of one of the 4 Pilgrims in the core boxed game was too much of a change for us to make. Transformation is very much a part of the Dragon Prince’s story, so we were happy transforming him to the Dragon Princess. We will also call the Xiao Yan a Pilgrim and we hope she plays an important part in your Journey, not a back seat role.

So how does the Dragon Princess fit into the game? Is it a 5 person game now? Officially, no. The quests are balanced for 4 Pilgrims so the official use would be to choose 4 Pilgrims from the 5 that are now available. However, the way the rules are written, there is nothing stopping you playing with 5 Pilgrims. The hardest part will be selecting a starting square, near the 4 shown for the original band, and we think you are all capable of that. Although the rules don’t change, the quests will play a little easier, because you have more Pilgrims to launch your attacks. But you can easily increase the difficulty of the game by adding tougher Demons to the spawn deck, or removing weaker Demons from the deck, or playing the existing cards a little differently, for example spawning one extra Bull Warrior every time that card is drawn. We can give you many suggestions. So, officially it is still a 1-4 player game but you can easily play it with 5 if you want to.

What is the new miniature? Perhaps you have noticed this announcement was not a stretch goal? We knew she was coming from the start and we always planned to have the steel mold for plastic production. She will be offered as plastic and resin immediately, with nothing to unlock. Want more? We will create a Kickstarter Exclusive pair of dragon wings and you can choose to assemble her with or without the wings. You get the Dragon Princess Profile Sheet and the standard 10 Pilgrim Skill Cards. Do you have one more question? How much will this cost me, perhaps? You should know better than that! Nothing. The Dragon Princess is a plastic Boxed Game Upgrade and a resin Collectors Upgrade. She is free to most backers! Just a way to thank you for supporting us and a celebration of being halfway to our destination.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Xiao Yan Free Gift (Marrow Production)

We have not decided the final retail packaging, but the Dragon Princess will not be part of the core boxed game. She will be a separate expansion pack that will be completely optional, although the KS exclusive wings will not be included.

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