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Buenoa aquí tenemos el primer update del Kickstarter de HeroQuest, si en ingles pero donde resuelven muchas de las dudas. La campaña va muy bien con 2653 Backers y $399,19 CAD recaudados. Todo lo que pone aquí ya se ha dicho en los vídeos y entradas que hemos hecho, solo mencionar que harán una actualización a la misma hora cada día.

Before we go any farther, we would like to thank you all. Your support and comments are helping to make this project grow and mature.

After the first 24 hours, which have been long to say the least, we would like to share with you all, how we will be handling the updates and in what form we will be managing our communication with this community.

Every day there will be an official update, The Daily Quest, at 16:00 EST in the USA. In it we will go over what things we have been updating, centering our attention on, and how the development of the game parts are proceeding.

Also we will talk about the things you are worried about, to clarify as many doubts that you might have.

Seeing how the first day of this KS campaign has generated such a large quantity of questions, we see fit to dedicate this first update to a FAQ

Although, before anything, let’s go to our ELEPHANTE in the room and the cause of so much distress: shipping costs. We would like to say we are sorry as the shipping calculator was thought to be programmed to facilitate the correct shipping costs with your pledge, evidently that didn’t happen. The designer has been dealt with accordingly.

We are checking it out at the moment, making the appropriate changes to fix it and make it usable. Once we are certain that it is working correctly, we will make sure you are informed immediately.

And how the questions:

Can I buy more than one box? Yes, of course. It’s as easy as selecting more than one of the boxes you want. There is no limit

What language will the game be in? English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian. Each backer can choose what they want. Even if you have several games selected you can choose the language for each one. My language is not in the group of announced languages the game comes in.

Is there any way to get it translated? Of course there is, but there will have to be a minimum of people that want it for it to be in a language that is not already registered. We cannot set up a translation for a language for only 12 people as you can understand. Pass on the word, get other people to participate that speak your language and have them solicit it as well, this way we can truly attend to your petition. Fortunately it’s a big world.

The figures all have the same action stance? No figure from the box set or the add-ons will repeat its stance. Each one is individual and unique.

What size are the figures? 28/30 mm it is the same scale and general appearance as those of warhammer as compatible as well.

Are the silhouetted items in the core set works-in-progress or are they SGs? Works in progress. The SGs are not represented on the box content as they are all extra material.

Will you be providing additional information for the new heroes? YES, of course! All in good time we will make that information available

Can fans/backers provide ideas for new heroes? We love the idea, we actually do! As we have said, this is a project that is in the making, it is growing and maturing with everyone’s help and we will take advantage of the situation to turn it into something very alive! Stretch Goals

Can you provide more information for each of the SGs? In each daily update we will add information about the stretch goals that have been unlocked the day before.

For the blank card SG – are they just magic cards, or other cards? All the possible types, including the character control cards.

- For the blank card SG – how many are included? This depends on each type and how mant SDs are unlocked

Is the Ogre SG the same as the core set Ogre? No, every miniature is a unique person, different and with individual poses. In the development of the adventures the will also have different names and characteristics

For the two captive SGs – Are they just cool board pieces or are they part of quests? Part of the quests.

How is the “Primordial” Chaos card SG different than the core set Chaos cards? The knowledge of the primordial magic consumes the life points of the characters that use them. They can be very destructive but also for those who use them.

Can you provide hints or more information about upcoming SGs? No, we are sorry but no. the SGs will remain secret until the end. The entirety of the SG will be a great benefit to you. We are sure of this.

Is the secret room SG part of the quests? Yes, every piece we pffer has its place in some part of an adventure.

Will any additional heroes/monsters in the SGs also come with cards? Yes Is the descending ladders SG a replacement for an existing stairs token? No, it is an element that indicates an access to a lower (more sinister) level.

Will professional translations be done for all of the final products? Yes, each translation will be done by a professional with the help of native players

Can you clarify the shipping costs? You can use the calculator at (http://www.gamezoneminiatures.com/tienda/en/86-heroquest) to work out the final cost. Although to your great shame and disgrace at this moment is defunked and being refitted to work correctly.

Will you explore cheaper shipping options? We work with the Spanish postal service, that is the standard rate. It is true however that we are working to reduce the shipping costs. If anyone can help with their collaboration to find real options that lower the actual rate that would be amazing to say the least, we would all benefit from that as we as a company do not benefit from shipping costs in any way.

the voucher system on your website? Will it be part of the kickstarter? We are studying the possibility. This system works very well with our web page and our clients are quite satisfied with it up till now.

Will there be legal issues we should be worried about? No, GZ possesses the rights to this product there is no possible C&D

Is the target audience kids or adults? HQ has always been a game for everyone, and this version will be like by both young novice players to weather beaten veterans. It is not a Childs game, but it will not be unadvisable for young people to play.

Will the game be play tested for kids or adults? The game will be tested by veteran players from various countries.

Will you let fans/backers help play test? Actually the play tester group is closed, for the Alfa version, but feedback is always taken at face value and greatly appreciated.

Where is the Fimir? And what is a Drrakk? The fimir are an IP that does not belong to us. The Drrakk will be present. Alittle later on we will present them to you. (they are getting hungry)

Will you be using “Zargon” or “Morcar”? Yes, both of these characters will have outstanding parts in our quests, Both!

Will there be quests designed for solo play? We are studying this posiblity. Our intentions at the moment are to add solo play rules to a later expansion itself.

Will you maintain the HQ25 website for the fans in the future? (Example – forums, ordering additional or replacement models, downloading card templates, news and information on expansions, etc.) All of the HQ material will be perminatly avalible at the GZ online store, with the posiblity to buy all of the components seperatly. Forums no, that is HQ’s fans job.

Why is the kickstarter in CAD and not USD or Euros? Because the project is being funded threw Canada.

Do I add shipping charges to my Kickstarter pledge? Shipping costs exist, this is very unfortunate but true, although we will work to reduce them.

Will the game mechanics be the same as the original? Can you provide information about possible changes? The Spirit of the original is very present, but the mechanics are being optimized

Will the figures be the same size as the original game? The miniature will be “heroic Scale” 28mm

What material will the models be made of? Resin. High quality plastic resin.

Will you be doing daily updates if there is new information to share? Yes, the plan is a daily updaye.

Will the box include each language? Or will we need to each specify a language? Each backer will choose the language they wish to receive their edition in.

Will the same quests be used from the original HQ? NO! there will be 50 new and exciting adventures

Will the hero sheets be tear-off pads? We are studying this at the moment

Will there be Kickstarter addons? Yes, always optionals.

A poll about the daily update time.

We would like to know if the time we have established for our daily update sits well with the community or if it would be more convenient to change it to a better time that is more readily available for the majority of those interested. We will proceed with the poll to help os orientate ourselves to what is best. Thank you for your collaboration and patience. -

Remember we are working for you.

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