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El Kickstarter de Mars Attacks sube, sube y Mantic Games no para de sacar actualizaciones con nuevo material y algunos extras muy jugosos.

Después de una espera mas larga de lo habitual ya esta disponible el Giant Sompy Robot por $30 la unidad o $75 tres unidades. Anuncian el Patriot Prime M7 un vehículo para los humanos a los $465,000, a Edwin Knight a los $470,000 que se añadirá como el décimo héroe a todas las cajas básicas, y a los $475,000 las Coperative Rules para jugar de forma coperativa a Mars Attacks. Quedan dos semanas y ya llevamos casi 50 actualizaciones de Mantic Games.

It was a big goal but we’ve done it guys, that’s the Giant Stompy Robot locked in!

Mars Atacks - Giant Stompy Robot Art (Mantic Games)

This new kit stands 170mm/6 ½” tall and is, frankly, awesome. Coming equipped with Heat Ray and a Giant Claw (plus a pilot that is cross-compatible with the Saucer Pilot) you’ll be sure to crush anything you haven’t already incinerated.

There are a number of ways to get yours…

Allocate Credit

If you’re at The Will of Man ($100 and Early Birds) and up, you can allocate an amount of credit and include the Robot as part of your pledge, without having to spend a dollar more.

Mars Atacks - Giant Stompy Robot Core Add-On (Mantic Games)

You can use the Pledge Calculator on the front page to help keep track of your credit choices.

Raise your Pledge

Alternatively, you can add a Robot by raising your pledge!

To raise your pledge, click “Manage my Pledge” in the top right corner of the Mars Attacks Kickstarter page and input the total value of everything you want. For example, if you’re at The Will of Man ($100) and want a Robot ($30), you would enter $130 as your total pledge!

Right then, today marks two weeks to the end, so let’s knock over some more stretch goals and continue the Mars Attacks: Invasion launch week celebrations, and get you some more stuff…

$465,000 – Patriot Prime M7 Military Upgrade

Machinegun – check. Railings – check. Badass attitude? Only when Joe’s driving.

Mars Atacks - Patriot Prime M7 Upgrade (Mantic Games)

In order to give the humans a helping hand against the Martian Invaders, if we hit this stretch goal, we’ll upgrade the Flatbed Truck with new military hardware, including a machinegun and railings to provide cover for your transported troops.

These new options will be included with every Patriot Silverback DX500 Flatbed Truck to convert it to the military grade Patriot Prime M7, whether you get yours as a single, as a pack of three or as part of the Mars Attacks: Escalation Expansion Set!

And finally...

How about some more goals to continue the week's festivities?

$470,000 – BONUS Hero: Edwyn, Knight of Hoo

Sir Edwyn of Hoo was a knight of the King’s Cavalry, a virtuous warrior who stood against injustice and the corruption he saw among his fellow nobles. When talk came of strange foreign invaders attacking coastal towns and taking prisoners, he bravely led his men to battle them at Folkestone. Outmatched in every measure except honour, Edwyn fought bravely but was overcome and captured. The invaders laid him to rest in the bowels of one of their great ships, but his battle was not done! He awoke amid much confusion, an unknowable amount of time later, with fire blasting from the walls and a great rushing noise all around. He staggered from the wreckage of the enemy ship to find a strange new world filled with oddly garbed folk wielding strange weapons. Knowing only that they were the enemy of his enemy, he set to helping them…

Mars Atacks - Edwin Knight Upgrade (Mantic Games)

No one knows what happened to Edwyn between his arrival on Earth and his reappearance in Greenville – all that is known is that he carries the legendary General Zar’s sword, a weapon he potentially stole after Zar’s showdown with Sidney Rose, Buck Spencer and Xiuhcoatl.

Edwyn is another of our own additions to the universe and is a member of Greenville heroes. He is the last character for the boxed game – but by no means is he the last Hero we’ll be giving you. If we hit this stretch goal, we will be able tool Edwyn, Knight of Hoo, and add him to the Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game starter set, becoming the 10th Hero in the box.

Pledges of The Front Line ($75) and up all include a copy of the starter set, meaning you'll be getting a BONUS hero at no extra cost - it doesn't even use any of your credit!

$475,000 – The Heroes of Greenville, Cooperative Rules

Ashley slammed her fist on the map, “Sergeant, how did we lose Penborg Avenue?”

“Carelessness,” grumbled Buddy, bouncing his baseball bat in his hands.

Ashley looked at him sideways. She didn’t trust the two scavengers they’d picked up on the way, and there was something about him that was… off-putting.

“Miss,” replied the soldier, “We…”

“I think we’ve heard enough,” replied Ashley.


“Enough!" she shouted, holding her hand up. "We need to move fast. Have we heard from the Astro Mata?”

“Reports have them with Don Manning Miss,” replied a Comms Technician, fingers patting away at a keyboard. “Fighting Robots.”

“Good, get in touch and see if we can speed things along, Quinten wants us to secure the East Side. We’re going to need to work together if we’re going to push these animals back...”

Mars Atacks - Coperative Rules Upgrade (Mantic Games)

The Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game starter set is a fun 2-player experience and now you bring more players into the action with a set of multiplayer Co-op Play rules!

You and a group of players will take command of the Heroes of Greenville, and fight back against the Martian Invaders controlled either by a deck of AI Cards, or an opposing player.

The AI card deck will be made available as a Core Add-on and can control the Martian Invaders allowing you to split the Heroes of Greenville amongst yourselves, battling through a series of missions as you work together to achieve your goal, and save Greenville from the Martians!

Whether you’re playing the game with the family or with your mates down your local gaming club, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the fun of Mars Attacks together, adding an all-new mode of playing the game.

When we hit this stretch goal, Veteran Games Developer Jake Thornton will write the rules for Co-op play and we will send a digital copy to EVERYONE who has backed this project.

Please spread the word – Co-op play has been asked for by a lot of potential backers, and they need to know this game will include it!

PS - Hmm, perhaps Solo Play next? Or how about a Martian DreadBall team?

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