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Mientras el Kickstarter de Mars Attack llega a la siguiente meta anuncian un evento especial durante a la celebración del New York Comic Con, que durará hasta el domingo por la noche, el BLOODSHED ON THE BATTLEFIELD. El viernes 11 de octubre a las 8:00 lanzarán un pledge level especial que estara solo activo durante el fin de semana. por $300 recibireis la caja basica y $325 en core add-on que deseeis, para aquellos que ibais a pillaros casi todo, es una buena oportunidad de conseguir mas extras por menos dinero.

Ademas han publicado una multitud de imagenes que daran pistas de lo que nos espera durante esta campaña, deberíais de verlas wargamer.

The weekend is nearly here, and after the cattle caused a stampede, we expect to see the saucers flying onto pledges soon (sorry!)

This weekend, Adam Levine from The Topps Company is at New York Comic Con showing off Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game. If you go find Adam, he has Buddy and Brandi, the painted Martians, the Scenery and the Deluxe Gaming Mat - you will be able to see that hand painted Hawaiian Shirt for yourself!

Mars Attack Topps' stand New York Comic Con

Say hi to Adam from us!

However, we know that not everyone can get to New York this weekend - including us :( - so instead we will celebrate New York Comic Con (and Kickstarter coordinator Chris’ Birthday on Saturday) in Mantic style . And when Mantic decides to party - they do it big!

So, we’re putting together an awesome new pledge level, starting tomorrow that runs only until Sunday night when the show ends!

Weekend only Pledge Level:


At 6:00pm BST/ 1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT on Friday 11th October, we’re going to be making the new BLOODSHED ON THE BATTLEFIELD pledge level available for this weekend only!

BLOODSHED ON THE BATTLEFIELD includes one copy of the Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game, currently including 13 Martian Grunts, 9 US Soldiers, Ashley, Eva, Buddy, Brandi, Joe, General Tor as well as a Rulebook, standard Mat, Card Counters and 54 Card Deck, PLUS $325 worth of Core Add-ons of your choice, PLUS all applicable goals and stretch add-ons, for just $300!

That's right - you get more than your actual pledge in Core Add-ons (which are already discounted from the MSRP) AND the base game, plus all the boxed set upgrades! This will be the only time in the campaign where you get more credit than the amount you pledge!

This special level, celebrating New York Comic Con, will only be available until midnight Sunday 13th October (PDT) – once we hit that time they’re out, so you’ve got one chance! If we sell out before that time, we’ll open up a fresh batch so you can get involved before the clock runs down - but only until Sunday evening!

Note that this does not affect your ability to pledge for multiple pledge levels - it just means that if you want lots of credit but don't want multiple copies of the boxed game this is the pledge for you!

We decided to offer this level to thank all of the early backers of the campaign - the people who come in near the beginning actually unlock all the great stretch goals that drive the campaign forward - we thought this was a great way to reward those early birds. We hope it might draw in some of those on the fence too - meaning we can get those giant bugs and huge robots unlocked sooner as well ;)

And remember, no actual money is taken until after the Kickstarter campaign has ended!

What’s next?

You will obviously need something to spend all that credit on - and who are we to deny you that pleasure? In no particular order here is what is coming up in the next few days and weeks - even hours maybe ;) …
Mars Attacks - Martian with Freeze Ray (Mantic Games)

Martian with Freeze Ray – upgrade to Boxed Game

Mars Attacks - Martian with Freeze Ray (Mantic Games)

Set of Martian Marines – Core Add-on
Mars Attacks - Deke, Crazed Sirvivalist (Mantic Games)

Deke, Crazed Survivalist - upgrade to Boxed Game

Mars Attacks - Martian Dreed (Mantic Games)

Martian Dredd – Pledge Booster

Mars Attacks - US Trooper with Rocket Launcher (Mantic Games)

US Trooper with Rocket Launcher – Boxed Game Upgrade

Mars Attacks - Stealth Martians (Mantic Games)

Set of Stealth Martians – Core Add-on

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface – here are some hints as what comes after that!

Mars Attacks - Martian Saucer (Mars Attacks)

Hmm – well we’ve already done the Saucer…

Mars Attacks - Robot Lords of San Francisco (Mantic Games)

AHHH – it’s the Robot Lords of San Francisco!

Mars Attacks - Giant Bugs (Mantic Games)

They’re quite handsy these Giant Bugs…

Mars Attacks - Shrink ray (Mantic Games)

Can’t see this picture? Looks like it might have been hit by a Shrink Ray.

Mars Attacks (Mantic Games)

OK – we’re just messing with this one… or are we?

All of this and more is coming – as we add backers and raise the pledge total, new and exciting unlocks will appear.

There are still 31 days of this journey left and we can’t wait to see where we end up!

Watch out for BLOODSHED ON THE BATTLEFIELD coming tomorrow!

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