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El Kickstarter de Mars Attacks sigue subiendo y Mantic Games no para de sacar actualizaciones con nuevo material y algunos extras muy jugosos. Ya se han desbloqueado el Add-on de los Burning Cattle, miniaturas de ganado ardiendo, al llegar a los 1750 backers, y si llegan a los 2000 backers se desbloquearan las miniaturas de los civiles huyendo.
Además para ayudar a organizarse con tantos add-on, pledges, y gastos de envios han lanzado un pledge calculator para facilitarlo. La verdad que no les va nada mal y a falta de algo menos de $10,000 nos recuerdan que la siguiente miniatura será el Martian Saucer. No te lo pierdas wargamer.

Wow! We’ve hit 1750 backers – thank you to everyone of you

We could not be doing this without you.

By reaching 1750 backers, we’ve unlocked a brand new Core Add-on: Burning Cattle!

Mars Attacks - Burning Cattle Core Add-On (Mantic Games)
These miniatures are used when the Barbecue on the Hoof card is played. The boxed game contains a counter for the fiery stampede, but what fun is that when you could just add on $10 and have your own set of Burning Cattle miniatures!

To get yours:

- Raise your pledge by $10. To raise your pledge, click “Manage my Pledge” in the top right corner of the Mars Attacks Kickstarter page and input the total value of everything you want. For example, if you’re at The Will of Man ($100) and have allocated your credit but want a set of Burning Cattle ($10), you would enter $110 as your total pledge!

- Allocate $10 of your credit.

Pledge Calculator

To make keeping track of your Credit, Core Add-ons and Pledge Boosters extra easy, we’ve put together this excel Pledge Calculator:

On this simple sheet, simply click the little + sign on the left hand side next to the Pledge Level you’ve selected. This will expand the sheet, allowing you to:

- Select your pledge level (and enter any Early Bird discounts)
- Allocate your credit
- Add Core Add-ons
- Add Pledge Boosters
- Add Shipping

You can even select multiple pledge levels!

This will then give you the total value you need to pledge for everything you want. All calculations are automatic, you only need to enter quantities.

We’ll be keeping this excel sheet up to date as best we can during the course of the campaign. If you have any difficulties with it or need any assistance, just contact us via the Kickstarter messages and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Next Backer Pledge:

2000 Backers – Terror on the Streets!

In the game of Mars Attacks!, one of the Event Cards in the game deck is Terror on the Streets! When this card gets played, a group of hapless Civilians break cover as they try to survive the Invasion. If the Martians capture them, they’re going to get killed - or worse, experimented on! It’s up to the Humans to get there first!

Mars Attacks (Mantic Games)
You don't want this fate to befall your friends, do you?

We’re providing card counters for these models in the Boxed Game, but when we reach 2000 Backers, we’ll unlock a set of frightened Civilian models that you’ll be able to add-on to your pledge! We really want to get these in, so we only need 250 more backers to get them!

These modern day civilians will have a wide range of uses in other gaming system so please help spread the word and let's raise that backer number!

And finally...

There's less than $10,000 left to go until we unlock the Martian Saucer (remember you can add them onto your pledge now to help us towards the goal quicker!) so we felt it was time for a new picture!

Mars Attacks - Marian Saucer (Mantic Games)
Let us know what you think in the comments - and keep your suggestions for weapon options coming! Freeze Rays, Grabbers, Abduction beams and Sonic Disruptors are all great ideas!

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