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Mars Attacks ha alcanzado los $210,000 en su Kickstarter y con ello se amplian en 4 miniaturas los Martians Grunts, ahora toca ir a por el US NCO a los $215,000. En esta entrada nos desvelan la historia de Eva, una policia de oficina que se desmelena durante la invasión. Además ponene una imágen que podria ser una pista para las futuras metas.
Booooooom! Stretch Goal swept aside. Always a nice thing to wake up too!

With $210,000 dead and gone (like a Martian shot in the face), that’s 4 extra Martian Grunts added to pledges of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Bird) at no extra cost.

As the war escalates and Tor tightens his grip on Greenville, these extra troops will be essential to his plan. As you progress through the heavily story-driven scenarios, the games you play with get bigger, requiring more of these Grunts.


If you check out our Core Add-ons diagram, you can pledge for even more Grunts and US Soldiers for just $15 each. You can even pick up extra scenery and Urban Accessories (Contents TBC) to create a built up ruined area, as well as the Attack from Space set based on the IDW Comics – you can even get another copy of the Mars Attacks Boxed Game if you like!

To get these Core Add-ons, simply raise your pledge by the appropriate amount or allocate a portion of your credit. We’ll be launching a simple pledge calculator to make tracking this super easy and we’ll also be putting a new range of add-ons called Pledge Boosters if you’re looking for more things to spend some money on!

Exciting times ahead!!

Anyway, at the time of writing we’re just $2500 away from hitting our second freebie of the day – the US Soldiers NCO!

$215,000 – Upgrade: US Soldiers NCO!


If we hit this goal, we’ll help them out by adding an NCO to all squads of US Soldiers: whether they are part of the squad included with pledges of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Bird) and up, or the individual add-on sets - boosting US Soldier Squad sizes to 9 models!

And, if we hit this goal...

$230,000 – Upgrade: Eva, Badass Cop!

Eva had a tough life growing up. Her family was always on the move, following her father as he chased jobs from state to state. When she left high school, she decided she didn’t want that any more – she was going to settle down somewhere, get a good job and get some stability in her life. Seven years later she was a police officer in Greenville. Thing is, she never realised how boring stability could be. Her day-to-day mostly involves filling out paperwork, driving circuits around the outskirts and sometimes even picking up the occasional drunk guy so he can sleep it off in the cells. Still, she tells herself, it’s better than living out of a suitcase… right?

On Invasion Day she was dealing with one of her few regular customers, a fish-out-of-water teenager named Troy who had a problem with an establishment that barely even existed. He’d been caught tagging the Sav-R-Mart, and she was giving him the usual lecture when all hell broke loose. Now she’s stuck with the kid, doing her best to keep them both alive as Martians tear the whole town apart.


If we hit $230,000, we’ll sculpt and produce Eva – the baddest cop in all of Greenville! Not only that, but we’ll include her in the Mars Attacks Boxed Game and all pledges of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Birds) and up!

Someone has to stand up to the maniacal General Tor and Eva thinks that her shotgun might just be the thing…

Surely this means that Troy can’t be too far behind, right? Though there are reports that things are getting a little… frosty. 


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