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El Kickstarter de Mars Attacks sigue subiendo a un buen ritmo y ya queda poco para alcanzar los $200,000 que neceistan para la proxima meta, entre medio Mantic Games ha publicado esta actualización tras escuchar las multiples peticiones de los participantes para vender de forma individual las miniaturas del pack Attack from Space, como Add-On para cada uno de los personajes.

También anuncian que a los $210,000 añadirán 4 miniaturas más a los Martian Grunts para los pledges de $100 dolares o más. A los $215,000 añadiran 1 US NCO a cada set individual de add-ons y para los pledges de $100 dolares o más. Para terminar adelantan para la meta de los $230,000 un boceto de Eva un nuevo personaje que representa una policia con muy mal genio, pronto desvelaran más información de ella.

We're less than $2,500 away from Sidney Rose and the Giant Flea so, after reviewing your feedback and the comments, we thought we’d let you know what’s next!

Firstly, a number of you have asked for the choice of pledging for the comic book miniatures as individual add-ons. So here we go:


Each of these individual heroes are available as Core Add-ons. This means you can either spend a portion of your credit on them, or add them to your pledge by using the Manage My Pledge button on the right hand side.

Second order of business: we want to give you more free stuff!

So let’s do it.

$210,000 – Upgrade: Martians!

General Tor’s lips curled, his cloak fluttering in the wind, as the Martian Patrol gathered in front of him. Tor didn’t need to speak to them, they were beneath him, but here he was – and how they basked in his glory! All he merely needed to do was point, and with that simple instruction, the Grunts turned and advanced.

In the distance, Eva ducked down behind a burnt out car, gripping her sidearm with two hands.

“Troy,” she whispered. “There are more of them… and they're coming!”

As a Martian Commander, you can never have enough Martian Grunts – when the chips are down, your giant mutant bug is misbehaving and your ray gun is on the blink, you can always rely on Martian High Command to give you more bodies to throw at a situation…

If we hit this goal, we’ll include an additional four Martian Grunts in all pledges of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Bird) and up!


As your games of Mars Attacks get bigger and you advance through the scenarios – and to help Tor with the invasion of Greenville - you’re going to need more troops to deal with the human resistance.

Of course, if you’re defending Earth from the ghastly Martian menace, then help is also at hand…

$215,000 – Upgrade: US Soldiers NCO!

“Lance… Lance!”

Bruce had tried to stop his friend from taking a shot but it was too late. The crack-crack-crack of his M4 had been cut short by a blast of green light, and all that remained was the soldier’s charred bones.

Bruce held his carbine tight to his chest; his two comrades hunkered down next to him, wide-eyed. They’d spied the police officer and the goth kid ahead and had sought to help the civilians but now they were pinned down by oncoming fire from the green-faced brainiacs. Worse than pinned down – Trapped.

Crrrrrrrrrrrk Come in echo squad Crrrrrk

What was that? Radio?

Crrrrrrrk Come in echo squad…. This is Sergeant Frank Black… Echo Squad please give me your position. Help is on the way! Crrrrrk

Uh-oh - looks like the soldiers need some help!


If we hit this goal, we’ll help them out by adding an NCO to all squads of US Soldiers: whether they are part of the squad included with pledges of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Bird) and up, or the individual add-on sets!

And finally…

$230,000 – Upgrade: Eva, Badass Cop!


To get this extra stuff and find out more about Eva, we need to get Mr Sidney Rose and his Giant Flea first so, please spread the word, tell your friends and let’s hunt down these freebies!

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