viernes, octubre 04, 2013


 Primera actualización de Mars Attacks, con los $50.000, ya es una realidad el juego de mesa además de dar las gracais comentan de que tipo serán los strech goals ahora solo queda esperar y ver el primer strech goal.
Wow – that was quick! This means that we have successfully raised enough funding to produce Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game!

I think it’s important to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s backed so far. Whether this is your first Kickstarter campaign with Mantic, or you’re a veteran of every one we’ve done, welcome aboard! This is going to be a fun ride.

Mars Attacks - General Tor (Mantic Games)
For anyone who’s new, here’s a little note about how this works. Now that we’ve funded the basic game, we get to start working on the fun stuff! We’ll be putting up Stretch Goals - additional things we’ll be able to produce, or upgrades to things we’ve already locked in, if we hit additional funding targets. Whenever we hit one, we’ll put out an update like this one (which you can read via email or through your Kickstarter account) to announce the next one! Sometimes we’ll even announce a couple in advance…

So who’s ready for a Stretch Goal? Get ready, they’re coming!

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