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Otra actualización más de Marrow Production del Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, alcanzados los $70,000 necesarios para la Mystical Box para los Collectors Upgrade ahora es el turno de un Add-ON el Soul Hunter Garvok al alcanzar los $70,000.

We are so pleased to get this far! This update is a little different from the others: our first scenery. By passing $70,000, you have unlocked our first Collectors Upgrade, which is the second group of stretch goals. Check the list of pledges shown to the right to see if Collectors Upgrades are part of your rewards. The Collectors Upgrades are included with many, but not all, of the pledges that include resin miniatures. There is more information about our stretch goals on the front page.
The next few Collectors Upgrades will all be resin and they will all be part of the game! This upgrade is a hand-cast resin Mystical Box miniature, which is highly detailed and about the same size as the miniatures. Mystical Boxes are quest objectives, represented by card tokens in the core game. Backers who are eligible for this upgrade can play the game using a real box! This is just the first of more scenery to come. This is also our first Add-On. If you aren’t entitled to Collectors Upgrades, or you just want more of these, you can still get them! Just increase your pledge by $5 for each Mystical Box that you want.
There is now a list of Add-Ons on the home page, so you can review them at any time. There will be a survey at the end for you to tell us exactly which Adds-Ons you want.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Resin Scenery Mystical Box (Marrow Production)
What’s next? After 4 upgrades, here is our first Add-On. The mysterious Soul Hunter!

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Soul Hunter Garvok (Marrow Production)

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