viernes, octubre 18, 2013


Marrow Production añade en esta ocasión un Collector Upgrade al Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, han alcanzado los $100,000 para desbloquear Zing Yao, la siguiente metá sera para desbloquear dos sutras a los $110,000. ¿Que piensas de la escenografia especial de resina Wargamer?

Great news! The Pledge Total had reached 6 figures. Now things are getting serious for Tripitaka and his Band.

When the underworld seal was broken, it was not just the Bull Demon Clan that broke through to the mortal plane. Zing Yau is the first of the independent Demons we want to add to Journey: Wrath of Demons. This addition not only includes the plastic miniature based on the fine art work of A.J. Manzanedo, but everything you need to use Zing Yau in the game, Profile Sheets, Demon Cards, etc. 

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Zing Yao Art: A. J. Manzanedo (Marrow Production)

Most backers will be getting Zing Yau as a free Boxed Game Upgrade, but we are also adding him to the Add-On list as well. Any of you can get more plastic Zing Yau miniatures for $5 each or add resin miniatures to your rewards by increasing your pledge by $20. The Add-Ons come with all game cards too. The Zing Yau Demon is not a unique character and you could pledge for multiple copies and have many roaming the game world at once. But the game plays fine with just the one free Yau!

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Zing Yao Streach Goal (Marrow Production)

Want more freebies? Okay, more Collectors Upgrades at $110,000. Two decorative scripture tubes to use as the Sutras objectives in the game. These replace color card tokens.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Sutras x 2 Streach Goal (Marrow Production)

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