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Marrow Production lleva bastante bien el Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, en esta entrada nos presentan algunas imagenes en alta resolución de los segmentos del tablero. Personalmente me gusta mucho su aspecto, pero, quiero muchos más. ¿Tu que piensas Wargamer?

The world of Journey starts with our Map Tiles, wonderfully illustrated by Henning Ludvigsen.

Map Tiles are the basis for the game board in Journey, square boards that are arranged differently in each Quest. Each Map Tile portrays one specific area that the Pilgrims encounter. If you only have a tabletop, it’s hard to depict a journey across China, but we think the dramatic changes in scenery from one tile to the next really give the impression of an epic journey. As well as the Map Tiles, we have Bridge Tiles, small strips that separate one Map Tile from its neighbour. Miniatures can only cross from one Map Tile to the next via the actual bridges on the Bridge Tiles.

Physically, the Map Tiles are 30cm (approximately 12”) square, which creates quite a large board once you assemble a few. We are currently looking at 2mm thick stock with the printing on semi-gloss, textured paper. They will be single-sided, so that all the boards can be used together. There are 9 Map Tiles in the base game, and 4 double-sided Bridge Tiles.

But we shouldn’t tell you that the boards look good, we should show you. The high-res links look even better than the pictures we can embed here.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Map Title A (Marrow Production)
Journey: Wrath of Demons - Map Title G (Marrow Production)

Hi-res link to Map Tile A

Hi-res link to Map TIle G

Here is one more link for you, to the ART of Henning Ludvigsen.

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