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Marrow Production  va a lanzar una serie de updates en Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, que se centrarán más en la estetica, mécanica y reglas del juego, habrá que esta atentos. Aqui tenemos una de las primeras, no te la pierdas wargamer.

We know many of you are waiting for more information about the rules. Here is our plan. Over the next four weeks, we intend to share a solid understanding of how the game is played. We will not be able to show you the finished rulebook during this campaign, but we hope you will all understand the game before the campaign closes.

We do have rules, we have played and play tested the game. But we do not have all the text, examples and graphics for the rulebook written yet. We want to explain the rules accurately, with examples, and hopefully without ambiguity and omission. This is not trivial and we are not rushing to get the rulebook finished during this campaign. It needs more care and attention than we can give it while we run this Kickstarter and it is important that the first version you see is good. We will have a Journey website with forums and we will show the rulebook to backers before it is finalised. This feedback will help us convert a good version of the rulebook into a great version.

There is a lot of information to share. The rulebook will be over 40 pages with all the graphical examples and back story. We will share the information in manageable pieces, starting with a short video and following that with more in depth text updates. We have 6 videos and some additional updates that will be text and graphics only. In all of the Game Play Updates and the videos we are showing prototype cards and other play aids. The material is subject to change as we settle on consistent terminology and precise wording. We will try to move more information out of the rulebook and on to the cards. Don’t worry, we’ll tweak the fonts and layout before the end. However, everything we show you is close to what you will get in the game. Enough talk! Here’s the video:

We started the game information in Update #10 with the overview. If you want to refresh your memory, here is the update:

Pilgrim Profile Sheets

Pilgrim Profile Sheets contain important information for playing each Pilgrim. The goal is that you can play off the sheet, not out of the rulebook. Some stats change during the game, such as Health Points, Karma and Chi, and the Profile Sheet can track this. There are wheels for some stats and sliders for others.

Here is the front of the Monkey King’s Profile Sheet:

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Front of the Monkey King’s Profile Sheet (Marrow Production)

This shows some fixed attributes:

MV: The movement points (move one square forwards or turn for one point).

ATT: The number and type of dice for your attack.

DF: The number of defense dice the Pilgrim rolls.

Attack and defense dice rolls will make more sense once you see the next video!

Some stats change during the Quest:

Chi is spent to activate some of the Condition Cards and is recovered by resting.

Bad Karma is tracked with a wheel. You get Bad Karma for killing Demons. If you defeat a Demon, killing it is automatic, if you can risk accumulating the Bad Karma. You can see that as Monkey gets more Bad Karma, his movement is reduced and then his attack range is reduced.

Good Karma is also tracked with a wheel. You get Good Karma for cleansing Demons’ souls. More on this later!

Health Points are common to many games. Lose all your health and you are dead! The attacking update will make it clear how you lose health in an attack, but there are other ways as well. Don’t step on the lava!

The back of the card has useful information too:

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Back of the Monkey King’s Profile Sheet (Marrow Production)

There is some flavor text, of course, but the attack range icon is the important thing. Monkey can select one target standing in the red zone, i.e. two squares in front, behind and to either side. Monkey cannot attack diagonally – you have to approach the Demons carefully to get into fighting position.

Demons have profile sheets too, but they are a little simpler because there are no tracking wheels. If a statistic is missing, then it does not apply to the miniature at all. So if there is no defense statistic shown for a bullheaded Bull Demon, you know it does not make any defense rolls.

Our next rules update will show more details of the Map Tiles and then we have a video update for Movement.

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