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Marrow Production añade un Add-On al Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, al alcanzar los $150,000 para el  Soul Hunter Captain Xi Fung y con el comienza la cuenta atras para que sea añadida a los Backers que participen antes del Lunes 28 de Octubre como Collector Upgrade, y cuando llegue al strech goal de la version de plastico para los Boxed Game Upgrade. La siguiente metá sera para desbloquear a 6 New Custom Dice Boxed Game Upgrade a los $160,000.Esperemos que no tengamos que esperar mucho para ver la version de plástico Wargamer.

We hoped people would have more time to see the information about the Time Limit, but you guys really rushed us through this milestone! It feels great to have so much support.

First, the simple stuff. This beautiful resin miniature is again based on the fine art of Adrian Smith. We are lucky to be working with such a talented team.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Soul Hunter Captain Xi Fung Art By Adrian Smith (Marrow Porduction)
Like Soul Hunter Garvok, Captain Xi Fung can be summoned to aid the Pilgrims. But aid might not be the right word. The bad karma he generates might be more hardship than benefit.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Soul Hunter Captain Xi Fung Add-On (Marrow Production)
For an optional $15 increase to your pledge, this resin miniature is supplied with all the cards required to play the game. He is a unique character, so you only need one miniature if you want to add Xi Fung to the game. As with all Add-Ons, Xi Fung is not required and Journey can be enjoyed without this extra dimension.

Now it gets a little more complex! The 3 day count down has begun. At Monday, 28 October, 21:30 Eastern time,UTC-4hrs, we will save a list of all the current backers. If you are on the list – if you pledge before the deadline – and at the end of the project you are eligible for Collectors Upgrades, you will get a free resin Xi Fung mini, with game cards.

If you are on the list, and you are eligible for Boxed Game Upgrades AND we unlock the plastic Xi Fung, you will get a free plastic Xi Fung. Molds for plastic minis are expensive and we need the pledge total to increase before we can commit to this mold. But it is in our stretch goal list and with only a little luck, it will be unlocked. Backers will only receive one free Xi Fung, either resin or plastic, not both.

Up next, we have custom Journey Marshmallows ;-)..

Journey: Wrath of Demons - 6 New Custom Dice Boxed Game Upgrade (Marrow Production)

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