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Marrow Production desbloque otro Collector Upgrade Add-On en el Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, han alcanzado los $130,000 para el 2 Zing Yau, la siguiente metá sera para desbloquear a 2 Jing Yao a los $140,000. ¿Aun sigues indeciso wargamer? ¿Por qué?

So now we have our old friend Zing Yau returning as 2 resin miniatures, free to backers receiving the Collectors Upgrades. This upgrade comes with all cards required to use the miniatures in the game.

Let’s be clear. Those of you getting Boxed Game Upgrades already get one plastic Zing Yau (and cards). Those of you getting Collectors Upgrades will now get two resin minis. Those of you getting both groups of upgrades will get both of these, 1 plastic + 2 resin minis. If you are careful, you can certainly use the resin minis in the game, or you can give them your best paint jobs and display them in your miniatures cabinet – and just play with the plastic one.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - 2 Zing Yau Collectors Upgrade (Marrow Production)

We really hope backers getting Collectors Upgrades enjoy this first resin Demon upgrade. We’ve given out 8 plastic minis already, so the Collectors Upgrades were lagging behind a little. Let’s hope this pair of Zing Yaus gets the Collectors Upgrades caught up. Just don’t expect 2 resin minis every time!

Our march continues onwards. Zing Yau is not the only type of Yau Demon. It’s time for another Boxed Game Upgrade, Jing Yau.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - 2 Jing Yau Boxed Game Upgrade (Marrow Production)

Limited Time Bonus

Don’t forget the Limited Time Bonus. The Limited Time Bonus will unlock soon and the 3 day countdown will begin. If you are a non-backer who is checking our progress, you’d better make your pledge soon. See Update #18 for full details.

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