martes, octubre 22, 2013


Marrow Production añade otro Boxesd Game Add-On al Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, han alcanzado los $120,000 para el 1 Extra Skill Card for each Pilgrim, únicamente para los participantes de la campaña de Kickstarer, la siguiente metá sera para desbloquear a 2 Zing Yao a los $130,000 como Collector Upgrade. ¿Te va gustando como están llevando los Strech Goals Wargamer?

We've unlocked another Box Game Upgrade that many of you will get for free!

In the game, each Pilgrim draws a small hand of Skill Cards that can be played at many different points in the game. There are diverse card effects, including dice bonuses, dice re-rolls, healing, extra actions and even altering the behavior of the Demons. Some cards require the Pilgrims to act together. Some bend the rules in unique ways, such as Monkey’s Shadow Walk, allowing him to pass through obstructions. These cards are in short supply and many are one time use, so they are powerful, but must be managed carefully. They make for very tactical play.

With this goal, we will give each of the Pilgrims a new Skill Card. That’s not a re-print of an existing card, we are making new special rules for these 4 cards. These will be KS Exclusives, meaning we will not sell the cards after the KS is completed (clearly, they will not be in the retail game). Backers show us extraordinary support and want to give out something special from time to time.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - 1 Extra Skill Card for each Pilgrim Boxed Game Upgrade (Marrow Porduction)
Moving on the $130,000 goal, we have a Collectors Upgrade. Some of you guessed it was a resin Zing Yau Demon, but it is actually resin Zing Yau Demons spawning in pairs!

Journey: Wrath of Demons - 2 Zing Yau General Collector Upgrade (Marrow Porduction)

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