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Marrow Production nos cuenta que han desbloqueado 6 objetivos en el Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons, y nos cuentan el por que alternaran los objetivos de resina y plastico, también comentan que el objetivo final es sacar todo en ambos formatos. El orden ser íra alternando asi que ya sabeis compartid este Crowdfounding por que tiene calidad y solo necesita el boca a boca para poder llegar a mucho más, no te lo pienses Wargamer, comparte.

First of all, thanks to everyone who has supported our project! The opening days have unlocked 6 stretch goals, that’s great!

There have been questions about us releasing both plastic and resin versions of many of our sculpts. We want to share a little information about the industry and our plans with you now, to help you understand where we are going and what we are thinking.

There are two expensive steps in creating plastic miniatures, making the sculpt and tooling the steel mold. Making resin miniatures is time consuming, but the original sculpt is the only expensive part. If we first have one stretch goals to raise money for the sculpt, we can start by releasing the resin figures and then if we have a second stretch goal for the mold, we can pay for the tooling and create the plastics. An alternative would be one larger stretch goal to fund them both, but it’s fun to see smaller stretch goals getting unlocked quickly.

We have to take these costs into account and plan each stretch goal carefully. It has always been our intention to make as many of these miniatures (both figures and scenery) in resin and plastic, so long as there is enough demand. For example, you have seen that all of the core game minis are made in both materials and the Zing Yau Demon stretch goal was introduced as plastic with a resin Add-On. For some upcoming new items, we will split the stretch goals into two parts and you will see one come earlier and one later. We also plan Add-On bundles for the plastic items - plastics are easier to mass produce - but these will be announced later when more molds are ready. There will be more Collectors Upgrades too, including resin demons. Sweet!

This all sounds like good news, but there is never good news without bad. A mix of plastic and resin stretch goals are coming, but the pledge total needs to be a little higher before we announce lots of plastic. Anything you can do to share our project, on your Facebook page, create a buzz on BGG, conversations in your local game store, updates on your blogs will help us get to those higher numbers. They are easily within reach, we are not talking millions.

We will also show a little more information about future stretch goals (check out the front page now). We have a long list of goals planned, and we do change the order based on your feedback and excitement. We do not want to lock down the order completely, but it’s fun to talk about what is coming.

We think we have a great product that will be appreciated by two related groups, board gamers and miniature collectors/painters. Help us turn this into a reality!

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