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Desde Forja y Desvan siempre hemos compartido y hecho mucho uso de imágenes de Cosplayer por que nos gusta y muchos de ellos muestran una creatividad impresionante. En este caso este Kickstarter es para hacer fotos profesionales de Cosplayers en zonas salvajes, una iniciativa muy original. Piden el dinero por varios factores, equipo especifico, alquiler de coches y barcos para algunas fotos en zonas especificas y algún que otro detalle más.

El nivel que me gusta más es el de 200 dolares que esta limitado a solo dos personas ¿Por que? os lo explico. Durante las sesiones de fotos se hara uso de dos cámaras desechables que hara uso la propia fotógrafa y los propios cospalyer para sacar fotos únicas y exlcusivas para esa persona. La cámara le será enviada a los backers para que ellos las saquen y luego hagan lo que le apetezca, tenerla como colección privada o hacerlas publica. Me parece  una iniciativa muy curiosa. Echale un vistazo Wargamer.

Thanks to your overwhelming trust and generosity, we have more than tripled (ETA: septupled!) our funding goal! You're the best! We are very excited about the project you are enabling us to create. But we can make it more awesome still, all funds go toward making the project and better. Join us in making The Wild Places as epic as possible. Thank you everybody for your support! Please scroll down to see our upcoming and achieved stretch goals. 
I'm Anna Fischer, and I'm a professional fashion photographer. Though my work has run in New York Times, Flaunt Magazine, Time Out New York, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Time Out New York, Racked, Style Bistro and many other publications, I'm perhaps best known for my cosplay photography.
I've been involved with cosplay my entire adult life, and I want to expand the scope of what cosplay photography can be. I think it's time to go big. It's time to break cosplay out of the photobooth, the pool deck, the hotel lobby. I want to take it to the desert, to the ocean, to the mountains. I want to take cosplay away from the tame spaces, and to the wild places.
The Wild Places is a photo project taking top-tier cosplay talents on  a photo-odyssey across the slot canyons, plateaus, rapids and mountains of Arizona, in the tradition of the great American road and wildlife photographers like Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lang. If this project is funded, the money will go to travel expenses, vehicle rental (van and boat), and reward fulfillment.
The end result of this adventure will be photographs, glorious photographs. Many will be available online, on my website and flickr, but the five best will be exclusive to project backers -- they will not appear anywhere else except my personal portfolio. The 4x6 and 8x10 prints will be created at a print shop. I will be printing the 20x30 museum-quality prints personally. We're also going to be creating a book, which will be half art book and half travelogue, featuring both our final product images and making-of and behind-the-scenes type stuff.
Once we're funded I will keep all backers in the loop about models, specific locations, times and dates and other salient details.
If we exceed our funding goal by enough, we will use the extra money to add more models, rent fancier and larger-format camera equipment, and get a bigger boat.
All project exclusive prints and stickers will also be available as an ad on  to any shipping tier (excluding post cards). 
Stretch Goals:
Expansion Pack
At 30K we will be able to start securing cosplayers for the next Wild Places. Since the second trip will not be Kickstarted whatever we have left over the budget from this trip will serve as our base funding. The deeper the surplus the large the cast we can suport is. 
Bonus Level
At 25K we will be able to add another location. As epic as this trip is there are places I'd love to shoot that that would require considerable resources to access.
Mission Impossible
At 12.5K we will shoot instant film. The best 25 polaroids will be scanned for all to enjoy on the backers blog.
For a small girl Uxi sure makes some big costumes. At 9K we can bring her out, and ship some of her too-large-to-fly costumes on site. More costumes means more content. Also, we will add a 6th exclusive print to the project, and as a thank you all backers at the $25 and higher levels will be getting it for free. The free print will be at a 4x6 size, but larger sizes are available as an add-on for anyone that wants them.
Stella, I chuu's you
At 7.1K we will make a 4x6 print of Stella Chuu available as an add-on. It's going to be very cute, a retro-Americana pin-up style photograph.
You’re going to need a bigger boat
At 6.5K we will add a powerboat to the Lake Powell leg of the trip, allowing us to accommodate 5 more cosplayers and converting our photo adventure from a single craft expedition to an fleet.
To say thank you the first 100 backers to select a book will receive a 2x2 die cut sticker. Also we’ll add a sticker add on, so that anyone in any shipping tier can select to order stickers.
Go Big
At 4K we will shoot in medium format. To say thanks, all backers giving 5$ or more will get a free downloadable wallpaper of a photo taken during the trip.
Here comes a new challenger! 
At 16K we will be able to produce video. Letting cosplayers and cosplay fans watch our journey unfold. All of our backers of 5$ or more will get to watch the videos first on our backers blog. 
There and back again
At 20K we will be able to make the down payment on our next trip. More details about where The Wild Places is going next are coming soon.
We will be making regular posts highlighting the talented cosplayers who will be joining us. 

Stella Chuu
Stella Chuu

Dr. Teng
Dr. Teng

Jessica Nigri
Jessica Nigri


Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

This shoot will combine all the risks of a fashion shoot, like equipment failure and models not showing up, with all the risks of an offroad road trip vacation, like bad weather, vehicle rental snafus, and getting lost. We will have backup equipment, extra models, extra socks, vehicle insurance and plenty of extra time in our schedule. Sandpeople ride single file to disguise their numbers. (And even if we get lost, we'll take some great pictures anyway, wherever we wind up)

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