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EL Kickstarter de Torn Armor ha finalizado con una recaudación de 67,742$ y 561 mecenas.

Después de un Kickstarter de 10, tanto por el trato personal que tenia Alyssa con  todos y cada uno de los participantes, como las frecuentes y muy detallas actualizaciones varias veces por día han conseguido un muy merecido éxito. Desde Forja y Desván se ha apoyado desde el principio este proyecto y nos alegra mucho que haya tenido éxito.

En la última actualización Alyssa habla sobre el planing que va a seguir hasta el lanzamiento del proyecto, y mucho antes que el juego salga de producción ya tendrán los mecenas un juego para imprimir y jugar hasta que le llegue el producto final.

Aqui los vídeos que le hicimos a Torn Armor.



"Riftblade & Ghost" by author J. Strange is a dark fantasy short story set in the world of Torn. The tale provides the gritty backstory of two minotaur brothers and title characters, Riftblade and Ghost and their encounter with the fabled Rift Elves.

Riftblade and Ghost are two Kickstarter-exclusive add-on miniatures for the Torn Armor fantasy squad-based strategy game. The Torn Armor Kickstarter closes on 4/4/13, but preorders will be available through the Torn World website throughout the year.

J. Strange is a horror and surreal fantasy writer from Atlanta, GA, and is releasing a full length fantasy novel set in the Torn World in late 2013, and presently serves as Lead Writer for the Torn World product line. 

The free short story PDF may be downloaded from the Torn World website at:http://www.tornworld.com/assets/Riftblade_and_Ghost_by_J_Strange.pdf 

Please visit: www.jinxstrange.com and www.tornworld.com for regular updates, previews and more free content.

For Torn Armor preorders and Kickstarter information, visit:www.tornworld.com/kickstarter

Thank you for backing Torn Armor!
~ The Torn World Team.


This is a special update that is in response to a request from one of our backers. He asked for us to summarize the new units that have been added as mini-stretch goals in game terms. Who are they and what can they do?
Let's start with these guys:

Siege Crews: The Sisk Ballista and the Maychian Hwacha

Ballista: The ballista is a long range high-impact weapon. It fires further than the hwacha and inflicts heavy damage. It is unique in that it can fire through a line of adjacent infantry units. The ballista moves slowly on the battlefield. Actions must be spent to "breakdown" and "set-up" which means that a move/attack is not possible and it is more likely to be stationary for large portions of the fight.
Hwacha: The hwacha has a shorter range than the ballista, but has an absolutely devastating volley. It is more maneuverable than the ballista, but takes longer to reload.

The Behemoths

Moriarty's Bell: This is a gnomish assault platform. It comes complete with four gnomes: Moriarty himself (the driver), two spellcasters and a gnome manning the top-mounted "Ploozmoo." It is slow and ponderous (and can even breakdown in-game), but it has devastating range capabilities and incredible versatility due to the spellcasters onboard. It is also unique in that it can have spell-cards attached to it (normal assault units cannot).
War Elephant: Packs a strong charge (albeit for sort ranges) and good melee. Very durable, and packing a lot of long-range punch due to the howdah mounted archers.
Kerrosus: Howdah mounted mu with hwacha siege weaponry gives this behemoth some good mid-range punch (albeit with a slow reload), while the kerrosus himself is not something you want to get too close to. Less armored than the war elephant, but just as durable and more lethal in melee.

The Heroes, Leaders and Mercenaries

Syntagma Tribuni: A Sisk "leader unit." Acts like a hero for connecting to other units, but comes complete with unit abilities to inspire the other troops and make them more effective in combat. The Syntagma Tribuni can resist demoralizing abilities from enemy units, inspire great charging attacks, and even reactivate units!
Akongo: The most powerful of the felis castes. The Akongo acts like a hero unit, but has abilities to inspire the troops. He is powerful in melee, but his ability to cause Maychian units to fight more effectively just by being near them is very dangerous for their enemies!
Myrmidom: Elite Sisk fighters. Quick moving, fearless and hard hitting. They are more capable than the "rank and file" although it costs more to field them.
Kyala Felis: An elite ranged unit for Maychia Comal. Their short bows do not have the greatest range, but their combination of speed and range makes them exceptional skirmishers.
Riftblade: One of two minotaur brothers. A strong fighter with a left arm that is an organic living blade from The Rift itself. Capable of overcoming damage resistance, he is a good unit to field against any form of golem or behemoth.
Ghost: The albino minotaur brother to Riftblade. Strong and wielding two serrated, hooked swords, he can unleash very strong melee attacks against any crazy enough to get too close!
Both brothers - if fielded together and adjacent - fight even more effectively. As mercenaries they can fight for any side (as long as you pay their gold cost!)
Fourteen Kingdoms Winged Hussar: On of our most popular units! The Fourteen Kingdoms are an island chain off the west coast of Druath Glennan. They share the same heavy knights and shock troops, but it is the Winged Hussars that put them on the map. The Fourteen Kingdoms are their own faction, but here we introduce a mercenary unit from that area of the world. As mercenaries they can fight for any faction and as Winged Hussars they have incredible battlefield maneuverability and lance charges strong enough to bring down a war golem. 
Buckles & Sebastian: A two-miniature hero unit fighting as mercenaries. Sebastian gives them great punch at distance, while Buckles gives them speed, maneuverability, and dangerous melee options. If that wasn't enough, they are even better when fighting on any form of naval vessel.
Telza: A mercenary mage, but his good alignment means that he cannot fight within an army if it already has anything designated as "evil." As a spellcasting hero unit he has great versatility: add him to a non-casting unit, give him some extra spells, and any unit suddenly becomes three times as dangerous. Being gnomish he can repair damaged siege weapons, golems and Moriarty's Bell.
The Blackwater Mage: The counterpoint to Telza. The Blackwater Mage is evilly aligned and cannot be in the same army if a "good" unit is already present. The Blackwater mage is a spellcasting anti-hero and brings a great deal of versatility to any unit he is attached to. Being a creature tainted by the "Blackwater," he is capable of enhancing units on the same side by corrupting them with vile powers.
Goblin Pirate Captain: A hero mercenary unit from the southern regions of Druath Glennan. A sky pirate (watch out for the flying ship expansions later on in the Torn Armor line), he gains in abilities when onboard any flying vessel. He has leadership traits for mercenary units.
Goblin Pirate First Mate: A hero mercenary unit that fights more effectively if close to the Goblin Pirate Captain. She is strongest on a flying vessel, but her ability to muster the troops - particularly those under adverse spell conditions - makes her most useful.
Clockwork Dragon: "Serath" is currently the only unit in Torn Armor capable of flying. Devastating claw and bite attacks are dwarfed only by his hellacious steam breath attack, which can destroy 'soft targets' across multiple hexes. Worse, his breath weapon can overcome all but the strongest cover.
At 60k we unlocked the special Clockwork Dragon map and scenario!
We hope that this was a useful at-a-glance guide to the new units that have been added to Torn Armor!
~ Natalya & Jack


Last update for today (we figure that three big updates is enough for anyone!)
We're coming into the final stretch now, so when we hit the last day we're going to get very vocal all over the internet and would love it if you could join us in rattling up support. We've had 2,000 people like this project, let's see if we can get their attention now that we're into the last day :)
And to celebrate we have a Jason Wiebe sculpt of the little mu slinger shown next to the Maychian light elemental for scale. When you consider that the Sisk war golem is actually a little taller it's no wonder that the mu spend their time looking UPWARDS!
Thanks go out to Jason for some great sculpting work here!
The Dice-Roll-a-Thon-of-Give-Me-More-Minis
With just ONE more draw to go, today's winner of the +$10 in add-on goodies is .... "Beagle!" Congratulations to you, we have contacted you with details on how you can get yourself the extra goodies post kickstarter.
Previous Updates
A couple of previous updates that you should be aware of if you are a new backer:
Thank you all for being such awesome backers and for making this project happen! 
~ Natalya & Jack


Hey Backers and Gaming Friends,
Here we are, the last 12 hours! (I feel like there should be a thunderclap in there or something).
So, a few things to share and a favor to ask! 
Firstly, the favor: Let's get the word out there! You have all done an amazing job in spreading the word and helping this pledge UP almost every day (seriously, our trending has been CRAZY and has broken every Kickstarter rule). So here we are, the last twelve hours, let's destroy this thing!
A couple of notes on this:
1 - If you qualify for a dragon and someone that pledged before you ups their pledge, you will still get your dragon. 
2 - If someone that joined us early ups their pledge, they will ALSO get the dragon (assuming that pledge to $75 or more)
3 - <oprahwinfrey>You get a dragon, you get a dragon, every one gets a dragon.</oprahwinfrey> Seriously, no backer is going to be denied a dragon just because someone that pledged before them ups to $75, or because they joined early and up at the end. YOU are our backers, you are assured a dragon at the $75+ mark by simply being here and we will honor that, even if we have to give away slightly more than 500 dragons, okay? :)
ALSO - we will be taking pre-orders post kickstarter, but not all kickstarter features will be available and we will not be extending the free shipping to post-kickstarter backers. If you are one of our backers that we are shipping a physical item to then you will get free shipping on any additional items that you add after the kickstarter closes. If prices change, YOU get to keep the kickstarter prices, okay? In other words, being a backer NOW makes you a VIP and you get the VIP treatment post kickstarter. You get to lock in the Kickstarter options, prices and terms. 
Maychian Skirmisher Elemental by Jason Wiebe
When Jason Wiebe gets rolling, he really gets rolling, doesn't he? :) 
Who is excited at the prospect of putting this cuddly fellow on the gaming board, hm?
New Interview: Crazy Eights
I always like doing interviews and this was a fun one. I speak about the origins of the game and what we have planned next!
*runs around like a headless chicken*
~ Natalya


If you didn't see the homepage updates yet, here are a couple of highlights :)
Jason Wiebe Sculpts
3D Terrain UNLOCKED!
The Pledge Manager has been updated!
The Battle for An gearesdan
The battle for control of the island literally came down to this last round. It was one of our most popular contests and there were some really awesome fight scenes named. You see? This is why gamers, geeks and nerds rule so much =D
But at the end of the day the side that took this last round was going to control the island, and the Maychians pulled it off! (pesky little mu!)
What this unlocks:
Kyala felis archers & Sisk Myrmidon: each with 5 miniatures per unit. The Kyala will have a special (NONE GAME BREAKING) little something added to their unit card in recognition of the Maychian victory today!
The Final Winner of the Dice-Roll-a-Thon-Bury-Me-in-Miniatures-Goodness
Wow, the last dice-roll-a-thon for this kickstarter! The special winner is ... Noah Turner.
Noah, we have contacted you about how you can claim your extra $10 in free add-ons! Congratulations to you!
~ Natalya & Jack


To all of our wonderful backers!
Wow, that was one heckuva ride!
Thank you for being part of Torn Armor. Not only have we all created an awesome game with a very deep and rich future, but you made the Kickstarter process extremely enjoyable and uplifting! This is our first step in a long line of products, units, new factions and Torn World expansions; and you were here for the start, you helped make it happen!  
The next steps:
1) We on the Torn World team are going to take a short 1-day break (on 4.4). It's time to get a little sleep and much needed rest :)
2) Amazon will go through the process of charging credit cards and such. That's all between you and them :)
3) We will send out a backer survey to gather your chosen rewards, add-ons and shipping address.
4) During April the Torn World team will update the rules and unit cards as per your feedback. In May we will be go into final layout/design. In June we are scheduled to go into production.
5) We are launching a Torn World forum and will keep the kickstarter page, backer updates and forums current with the latest information. You will know what is happening and continue to have input as if you were in the Torn World offices. Clear and constant communication will continue to be our watchword! The videos, competitions, game-play examples will continue. The fun has only just begun.
6) If you wish to add anything to your reward/add-on choice you may do so between now and October. We will be posting details on how you can do this. We will also take new pre-orders during the following months post-kickstarter. But various Kickstarter benefits will not apply and certain miniatures will not be available. While we will support post-kickstarter backers, the greatest perks and benefits will always be with you, our original supporters. Anything you wish to add will continue to be with free shipping and at the rates shown on our kickstarter page. Any miniatures and add-ons available during the kickstarter will be available to YOU.
7) We're not going away. Whatever anyone else does, we have started a journey here and we plan on regular updates and a continued fostering of community.
We launched in the busiest month, against a whole slew of other kickstarters, against industry giants with massive name recognition. We came in with a great idea and a passion to make it happen. YOU helped make it real. YOU helped us succeed.
No words will ever describe just how awesome you are in our eyes.
Thank you. Natalya, Jack, Ross, jim

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