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Solo quedan 38 horas para que finalice uno de los Kickstarters del Mes, Wild West Exodus, en los últimos días ha recaudado 61,861 llegado a los 267,322 en total y ha habido un aumento de 138  backers sumando un total de 864 participantes, unas cifras más que correctas.

Ahora en la recta final están sacando toda la carne del asador publicando muchos de los bocetos de las siguientes metas, es ahora cuando se añadirán el resto de participantes y los que ya están dentro reajustaran la cantidad la inversión, normalmente a más. En esta actualización encontrareis todos los nuevos diseños,  un ejemplo de cartas de personajes e incluso elementos nuevos de escenografía.

A destacar la segunda oleada de miniaturas que está por salir, me encanta la Warrior Nation son cada vez mas chulos, y un buen puñado de vehículos que no tienen ningún desperdicio.

Es un juego que promete mucho en el que participa Alessio Cavatore y ha sido toda una sorpresa en los kickstarters, por temática y por la buena acogida que ha tenido. Y recordaros que esta noche a las 22:00 hora española lo tendremos en directo hablando sobre Loka y su Kickstarter.


One of the biggest names of historic wild west stories, Wyatt Earp.  His no bs attitude cleaned up the town of Tombstone and now he has set his sites on the rubbish that runs with Jesse James. 
Empowered with the Union's UR-30 Robots and his brothers, they set their sites on total control.  
Law has a new face in the WWX world and Mr. Earp will stop at nothing to make sure outlaws and rebels know it. 
His high powered shotgun make short change of his enemies.  His special issue government shield can be used to create a moving barricade that he can deal death from.  
Wyatt Earp and UR-30 Robots will be able to create a shield wall that will give all the models a +2 to their armor.  It will also provide cover and a +2 armor to any models within 2" of the back arch of the models using shield wall.  
Should make for some interesting street fights.  
  • Image-221663-full
  • Image-221664-full


Here are the last of the Merc Crew Wave 2.  In the future more models will become available as Mercs.  They are a sub faction that can work for any faction as long as you pay the points.  
They will bring all types of tricks and tactics to the game and will help greatly in list building.  
These wave 2 mercs include
Hicks Kincade
Sun Totem
Icarus Sierra
We hope you like them.  
  • Image-221778-full


So yesterday we spent the day hiking in the Apache Foothills of Arizona.  A beautiful place that offers some amazing views.  We also stumbled across a cool ghost town just down the way from the Outlaw office.  
Have a look and see if any of these images inspire you to build a cool table for WWX.  
Also, that is our best buddy CeCe the dalmatian.  
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  • Image-222424-full
  • Image-222425-full
  • Image-222426-full
  • Image-222427-full
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With the kickstarter ending in just a few days we wanted to show you some really cool new unlocks and images.  
The first is the Union Heavy Rail track sections.  These will be available in 3 styles.
Straight Section (6")  $8 each
Left Curve (9") $10 each
Right Curve (9") $10 each
Each section will be highly detailed resin terrain and will feature sci fi elements designed around the Wild West Exodus world.  
The track lengths will be add-on items only and will come sold as individual sections.  Simply select the amount you need at the end of the campaign during your survey.  
If you are simply getting the Union Heavy Rail Train and adding tracks the shipping is included.  If you are just purchasing Tracks you would need to add $10 of US shipping and $20 for international.  If you already have a pledge level and are adding these with your other rewards a simply $5 shipping fee regardless of your location will cover the added weight.  
Delivery is expected in September before the train and would ship with your rewards.  If you are purchasing just the train we would hold your track order and ship both items together. 
The second update is the Civilians 
This group of models are completely optional in game play but each mission will randomly add these to the table.  Based on a dice roll while setting up terrain any number of civilians may take up the battle field.   
When a model is within 1" of any civilian model that model gets a +1 to their armor and receives cover.  Each civilian has 1 wound and any shot fired at the model taking cover behind a civilian may give 1 wound to the civilian model instead.  Once the civilian has taken the wound they are removed from play.  
Civilians can also be dragged against their will around the table by any model in base to base contact.  This is to represent them being taken hostage.  A model moving with a civilian must use 1 action to hold on to the civilian.  When the model taking the civilian hostage chooses to stop spending actions on keeping it close the civilian is free and the model releasing the civilian acts as normal.  
Civilians come in packs of 3 as pictured and are only available as a set.  
  • Image-222542-full
  • Image-222544-full


With the $235k mark closely in our grasp it was time to unleash the devilish creations of Dr. Carpathian and Eiffel. 
The wave 2 Hired Hands will feature 5 spider crawlers and 5 wheeled monsters.  Each box set will have ultra detailed minis with scary features and deadly weapons. 
Help us bust these abominations out of Dr. C's lab.  
Keep in mind that anyone getting extra boxes of hired hands can trade wave 1 for wave 2 during the survey.  
  • Image-222624-full


During our kickstarter we have heard from many of our backers and fans that the Enlightened Hired Hands needed a bit of love.   Their guns looked out of place and they just seemed to be frozen in time. 
Well, we could not agree more.  We really took your advice to heart and scrapped all the original designs for these new and improved versions.  
Keep in mind that they are still undead monsters so they will not be jumping around anytime soon but they are more dynamic now and with way more practical weapons.  To answer a few of our backers. 
They don't have to reload their weapons because they don't use black powder and bullets. They us RJ-1027 power cells that last hundreds of shots before needing to be replaced.  These guys will be long dead by the time those pistols need a new mag.  ;)
  • Image-223627-full


Some of you have asked what the cards will look like for our game.  Here is a sneak peek at one of our beta cards.  
These cards will see one more rules revision and game play update as we print the rule books in June.  Use these to play test but understand that some stats may change.  
A full list of Game Cards will be emailed out with the Beta PDF Rule set right after kickstarter.  
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  • Image-223741-full


Here they are.  Wave 2 Outlaw Hired Hands.  You don't want to mess with these boys.  
  • Image-223752-full


At Outlaw Miniatures we strive to have perfection in all of our models.  We also appreciate and listen to suggestions and positive comments that can better our product for you. 
In some cases backers and other fans have voiced their opinions about different models that did not look right or just did not fit into the landscape.  
So we decided to revamp a few models that seemed to need that extra bit of mom's home cookin.
All of these models have been replaced and updated on the main page.  As backers you have to do nothing but stay positive and keep spreading the love.  
These models and updates will already be included with your pledges replacing the bad versions from before.  
For guys on the fence this is your chance to jump in on the fun.  
We hope you appreciate the awesome models that are now part of your pledges.   
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As if our community of backers was not cool enough already we have this official announcement.  
A secret backer that would like to remain anonymous reached out to us with a cool idea.  He asked if he could personally fund the creation of a model and supply it free to all backers at the Fiendish and above levels.  
This means that one of the guys that helped back this project actually will pay for the manufacturing of each of the free minis and the design work going into the model.  If that is not the coolest thing in the world I don't know what is.  
So check out the stats for this awesome model and we will update you with what the character will look like just a few days after the KS is over.  
Thank you to the secret backer and thank you to all of you supporting our project.  
  • Image-224494-full
  • Image-224495-full


With the mini rule book unlocked and out of the way we are setting our sights on the Outlaw HH2.  Check out these dynamic and exciting poses.  
These outlaws will be armored and have a +1 added to their armor stat to help with game play.  They will be a bit more point expensive but will make a great addition to a stage coach robbery or a train stick up.  
Unlocking at $255k
  • Image-225162-full


Here is just 1 of the many cool new models being offered in the Wave 2 Warrior Nation Hired Hand boxes unlocking at $275k.
Lets get these guys into our hunting parties.  
  • Image-225326-full


Unlocking just around the bend.  Some heavy hitting power for that evil Union army.  Help us unlock these machines of death.  
  • Image-225340-full


Here is wave 2 of the light support for the Warrior Nation.
Each box set will come with 3 carts and 3 guns as pictured.   
1x Multi Spirit Bolt Thrower
1x Triple Barrel Gatling Cannons
1x Earth Shaker Spirit Cannon
These models will also come with 3 Warrior Nation Hired Hands not pictured that push these death machines into battle.  
  • Image-225871-full


The Blackjack vehicles actually are the creations of the James gang.  Once the James gang realized what the Union was using to fight them off they decided to create a little speedy death of their own. 
This RJ-1027 powered screaming devil is always luck while dealing death to their enemies.  
Each Blackjack has 4 mini cannons on their nose and count as open topped vehicles.  This means that the rider can also shoot from this little devil and deal out his own brand of lucky cards. 
  • Image-225874-full


Not only do these grizzly undead creations scream across the landscape but they also can explode when ordered by their master.  They can also self destruct when close to death. 
These rolling death traps put out a major hurtin on the enemy with twin linked mini cannons on the nose.  They become even more deadly when left to 1 lifeblood.  
Once the monocav has reached its last lifeblood they can choose to self destruct and create a Power 15 large pie plate ring of destruction. 
So the question stands.  Do you kill them and risk the chance that they will get the last laugh, or do you run for the hills with them chasing you.  
Death never seemed so evil.  
  • Image-225878-full


Here are the last of the Micro Art Terrain sets being released with this kickstarter. 
Each pack will contain 3 x RJ-1027 Power Sources or 3 x Iron Horse Recharge Posts
  • Image-225881-full


Here they are guys.  The Wave 2 Hired Hands for your killer faction the Warrior Nation.  These boys smash face and ask questions later.  
I would suggest running when you see them coming.  
  • Image-225889-full

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