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El Kickstarter de Torn Armor va ya por los 55,283 $ de recaudación, y con una base de 492 backers. En los cuatro días y pico que les queda puede pasar aún mucho más. Desde luego viendo la trayectoria de Alyssa Faden estoy seguro que no se le escapara ni una sola oportunidad, y va a seguir sacando sorpresas durante todo el tiempo que resta.

Ha sido habitual de ella en cada entrevista, o articulo que se leyera dar alguna chuchería para el Kickstarter, ahora tiene varias cosas entre mano si estas interesados no te pierdas estas actualizaciones.

Nos trae un Green bastante bestia de la criatura de los Maychians, un boceto de una ballesta y lo mejor de todo recortables en PDF para poder probar el juego en tu casa, con el material que tiene hasta ahora, fichas, personajes, un mapa especial y las reglas. No tienes ya escusa de probar el juego y ver si te gusta.

Alyssa Faden lo esta dando todo, tienes menos de cinco días para participar en este Kickstarter no te lo pierdas Wargamer.

PD: Aquí os dejo el vídeo en el que comentamos sus Kickstarter al poco de salir:

Y esta es la entrevista que le hicimos, en este vídeo nos desvela mucho de los entresijos del juego y sobre todo si lo veis os podéis llevar un bono de 10$ extra para vuestra contribución (Al ser los gastos de envío ahora gratuitos, ahora son 10 $ extras)


Okay ... every time I sit down to send out an update I think that I have nothing to say. And then I suddenly realize that I have a helluva lot to say!
Boardgamegeek Contest
We're running an official contest through Boardgamegeek.com to snag the game. Even if you do not get all of the questions correct, you get x-amount of entries depending on how many you did answer correctly.
Spread the word. Some people are thinly pledged due to so many incredible Kickstarters out there, so show them this and give them a chance of winning their copy of Torn Armor!
Pledge Calculator
DM Fiat created this awesome spreadsheet for you to calculate your pledge amount. It lists all add-ons, ignores shipping, etc. THANK YOU "DM Fiat!" We will update this to keep it current and will be adding a simple at-a-glance chart for what you get at every pledge :)
Kickstarter Updates
We have lowered the price on the Maychian Skirmish Golem add-on (from $20 to $15). If you had this guy in your wish-list, you can drop your pledge by $5 (or snag another unit!)
Friday 29th: We're going to update the homepage to include the third behemoth, factions at a glance indicators, and additional add-ons. 
d-Infinity Live Interview
I interview with various podcasts, hangouts and blog sites constantly, but tonight I did one with backers listening in. Did you miss it? No worries, you can catch it here: 
Dice-Roll-a-thon-of-GIMMETHEMINIS Winner
Tonight's winner (determination shown in the video) isssssssss "Daniel Casey O'Donovan !" Well done Daniel, you have scored yourself +$10 in free add-ons at the end of the kickstarter!
The Battle for An Gearesdan
For the new backers, the Battle of An Gearesdan is a little game that we play twice a week. We issue a challenge, you complete it and pledge your side: Sisk or Maychian. The winning faction takes part of the island.
When the battle is complete (the end of the Kickstarter) two NEW units will be shown. The faction that controls the island will have a slightly improved unit (nothing game breaking, just a token to denote their victory during the kickstarter).
Both are multiple-miniature units (not heroes). These will be added to the "All Stretch Goals" level and will be available as add-ons. We will reveal clues about these two units over the next few days.
In our last challenge we asked you to name a historical person or unit that would be a good addition to Torn Armor. So many great suggestions were thrown back at us, and honestly we want to add them all!
Most suggestions came under the Sisk flag, so they have taken control of part of the island. In fact, they had very strong representation (in stark contrast to the beginning of this Kickstarter!) Has the tide turned against the Maychians?
Only two battles to go!
Your next challenge
Near the beginning of this Kickstarter we ran a little contest to bring on a friend. We're doing the same again now that we are funded and have new backers. This is how you win the next Battle for An Gearesdan and this is how you can snag yourself some free add-ons:
  • Get a friend / associate / random stranger to back Torn Armor.
  • They MUST comment below that they pledged in your name and they must announce their faction.
  • If they back at $25 or more, you get +$10 in add-ons.
  • If they back at $75 or more, you both get +$10 in add-ons instead.
  • Yes, you can have multiple referrals and net yourself a whole slew of extra goodies. They stack.

This will run for Friday through 9PM PST Monday night. We get notifications if you drop and re-pledge, so only new backers count! Sorry Roger Bunting, I'm going to guess you are all referred out ... time to let some new blood in on this round ;)
Lastly! (phew)
This weekend is free Tabletop weekend and we'll be doing something special for that tomorrow night. We'll be packaging up a map, scenario, rules, and unit cards so anyone, anywhere can test out Torn Armor.
Until then ..
Happy Good Friday every one!


A few updates to send out tonight, so I'm going to start with this one: sculpting progress from Jason Wiebe! This is WIP, but feel free to share across the forums, because I know there are a lot of gamers out there who truly admire Jason's work and the fact that he is part of this project.
I think this guy is looking absolutely fantastic, don't you? Just look how huge and hulking he is!
~ Natalya


Good evening Backers and new-found gaming friends,
A few things to tell you about tonight.

Updated Pledge Calculator

We have updated the Pledge Calculator and also included a worksheet so you can see at a glance what each pledge level will get you! It's a work of art:
Did you notice how close we are to 55k? :) So with this in mind I wanted to remind everyone what was unlocked at 50k (concept artwork below) and what is coming up at 55k and 60k.


At 50k we unlocked the Hwacha (manned by 3 vanaran artillerists) and Ballista (manned by 3 Sisk). Each is a complete artillery unit and will be available to all "stretch goalers" and as add-ons. They will be mounted on 50mm round bases.
We have concept artwork for the ballista in and it is currently being modeled up:
At 55k we will unlock custom dice - using faction symbols instead of crossed swords. These will be available as add-ons. *ALSO* we are unlocking variable unit cards. The units in Torn Armor are "named," they are not generic units, but specific named creatures and people. What does this mean? Well that you could have another hoplite unit with slightly different abilities! So we are going to provide additional unit cards so you can field veteran versions of the core units (of course, each will cost additional gold to field in the battles). 
But wouldn't it be nice if you could also have a different looking unit for use with these cards? Well ... At 60k we will unlock variable poses for some units (different heads, weapon positions, legs etc). You will be able to literally field a whole new looking unit.

Tonight's Dice-Roll-a-Thon-Bury-MeInMiniaturesGoodness

Tonight's winner of the Dice-Roll-a-Thon was Jason Hill! Congratulations Jason, thank you for being a Torn Armor backer and enjoy your extra $10 in add-ons!
One more update after this to celebrate Tabletop Day on Saturday 29th.
Have a great Easter weekend everyone!
~ Natalya & Jack


In celebration of TableTop Day this Saturday March 30th, 2013 we here at the Torn World are going to be making available to you some FREE downloads of the Torn Armor game! We will be making these available for download for the next 36 hours, so feel free to download them, print them out, and play a few games with your friends on TableTop Day 2013!
What you will be getting is: 
  • The latest draft of the Torn Armor rule book
  • The latest iteration of the Sisk faction unit cards
  • The latest iteration of the Maychian faction unit cards
  • A scenario and map written and created by backer David Smith (being used with his permission)
  • and lastly: a copy of the "Torn Armor Figures Set One" by Grey Matter Games.  
We are honored to have Grey Matter Games create a paper miniatures release for Torn Armor. If you have fun with your games of Torn Armor on TableTop Day, and want to support them by purchasing the Figure Set One (normal retail value: $4.95), you can here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/112570/TORN-WORLD%27s-Torn-Armor-Set-One
If you want to help support Grey Matter Games by purchasing other products from their line, you can find them here: http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=458
From all of us here at Torn World, we hope you have a wonderful and fun TableTop Day! "For the Empire!" "With Tooth and Claw!" Game on my friends :)
~ Jack & Natalya
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