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El Kickstarter de Torn Armor ya ha superado su objetivo esta misma noche, y ya van por los 50,868 $, con 462 participantes y menos de una semana por delante aun queda mucho que decir.

Ya han puesto una lista de las siguientes metas, entre ellas dados personalizados, más miniaturas, más mapas, y todo acompañado de vídeos como nos tiene acostumbrados Alyssa. Además vemos también nuevas unidades como un caballero montado, y su montura es simplemente impresionante. También el boceto coloreado del tercer behemot una maquina gigante y la colaboración de Fat Dragon Games añadiendo edificios modulares al Kickstarter.

La miniatura del minotauro que aparece pintada es solo para dar una idea, y no representa la calidad final de la misma ya que es una impresión 3D.


Okay guys and gals, so a few updates here before I get into the Battle for An Gearesdan!
45k passed!
We're homing in on 50k and funding now - THANK YOU. You have all become great friends as you have made this kickstarter not only possible, but also extremely enjoyable! I am all about 'gaming-community', and you certainly have that in spades.
I did promise that when we passed 45k that we'd unlock 2 more maps and 4 new terrain tiles, and we did it ... so they're now part of the core set!
50k stretch goal & moooorreee minis
When we hit 50k we are unlocking two more units for the game - a Sisk Ballista unit (complete with 3 Sisk artillerists), and a Maychian Hwacha unit (complete with 3 vanaran artillerists). You asked for more units, we're giving you more units!
And don't forget that the whole Battle for An Gearesdan is to determine which other unit will be a special Kickstarter limited edition out of TWO MORE UNITS (currently unannounced). When the mini-kickstarter game is complete, we will reveal both units. Both are 5 miniatures apiece.
I sent off 10 pieces to the modeler tonight to start getting them worked up over the next two months. I'll show you concept sketches and models as they come in. It's a great list, it really is. I can't wait to put all of these down onto the battle mat.
"What do you mean I can't field a 2,500gp army in this scenario? Unfair!"
Winged Hussar: Sneak Peek
This is the early prototype for the Winged Hussar. The lance needs a little tweaking and is being re-worked to be accurate to the Polish Winged Hussars, but I wanted you to see where we are currently at this this: http://www.sixus1.com/Clients/Torn/WingedHussarTurntable.mov
Every piece, every miniature has to be perfect for you guys and gals, so any feedback you have on this (or any other piece) is very welcome! Give us your comments below.

The Battle for An Gearesdan!

Big update here tonight folks, so bear with me on this. Remember that the Battle for An Gearesdan is a series of mini-contests run each Monday and Thursday night. We ask you - the backers - to do something (spread the word, make a map, etc) and the winner opts for the side (Maychian or Sisk) to take control of the next piece of the island.
At the end of the Kickstarter we will be releasing TWO MORE UNITS (5 miniatures each unit). The side that has control of the island at the end will determine which unit is a limited edition.
Part One ...
Last week we ran a mapping competition for a "design a battle poster." We got some GREAT entries and if it had been down to Jack and I you all would have won and we'd be printing them off in the core set right now. But we needed one winner selected by an impartial judge. 
She selected: Jason McFarland's -
(There is a write-up for this and a special elevation rule, but I'll post that as a separate update).
Seriously guys and gals the map submissions were fantastic and we could easily add every one into the game. Do not be surprised if we contact each and every one of you on that subject.
The contest last week was to see who took control of the island of An Gearesdan, and Jason fights for the Maychians, so they took it.
Part Two ...
On Friday we asked you to get out there and spread the updates about Torn Armor across the internet. You did it in style, each of you pledging to your chosen cause. This time the Sisk took top honors and part of the island is now under their control.
Part Three ...
So that's where the island currently stands. The Sisk are fighting hard, but they're still a little behind. We have 3 more battles for the island to go!
For Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week what we want you to do is simply tell us about a historical unit or military personage that should be in the Torn Armor game, and why. That's it. Maybe it's a strange artillery piece, perhaps an unknown spear unit from the heart of Ireland, or the more well known Mongols. It can be anything or anyone, but tell us WHY they kick so much booty!
And then also tell us who you are pledging on behalf of (Maychian or Sisk).  There isn't a grand winner, it's simply the number of submissions that we get per side that decides it. You can submit more than one idea, but only one submission per person will count :)
We look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Natalya & Jack


A mid-day update to announce the final artwork for the third behemoth unit (this is in the modeling queue as I type this):
It will stand about 120mm tall (TBD) with a 100mm round base. It will be available as an add-on for $40, or you can buy the set of all 3 behemoths for $100.

The gnomes of Torn are a very rare race; very few of them are seen about the world. Those that do exist are fixated with developing their life's dream: an invention to beat all inventions. Something that will indelibly place them into the annals of time. Every gnome chases a different dream, a different device, many spend decades tinkering with pieces, parts and gadgets all related to that masterwork creation.
And so enters "Moriarty's Bell."

This is a gnomish clockwork assault platform. Imagine Wild-Wild-West, Steampunk, and Back to the Future. Imagine steam engines, metal crab arms, rivets, levers, more steam engines, wheels, and gnome spellcasters hurling random magic from the gantry. 
From the top something called a "Ploozmoo" belches forth violent magical energies, and down below Moriarty himself sits on his control platform, wrestling this contraption into the fray. With wild hair, a "British" pith hat upon his head, hussar jacket flapping open about his torso, and wild mustache perched under bulging eyes.
Ladies and gents, I announce to you: "Moriarty's Bell."
From a game perspective this will be a "Assault Behemoth" (called an Assault Platform). It will have two spell casters on the gantry and a wild gnomish spell-belcher (called a Ploozmoo). It will have the advantage of range, and the ability to attach spells to the unit (unheard of for assault types). But it will have the disadvantage of the ranged attacks and melee attacks being weaker than normal, and ... well ... this is gnomish ... if the ranged attacks miss during a round, it will take the entire of the next round to fix the problem, and if the melee attacks miss, then Moriarty's Bell actually hurts itself. We cannot wait to show you the concept artwork (and final artwork!) on this one. We will add it as an add-on when the artwork is in and final.
I hope you are as excited about this "miniature" as we the Torn Armor team are!
~ Natalya & Jack


Update Fourteen Kingdoms Winged Hussar
The modeler used the sort of horse you'd expect to see under a heavy knight ... or a mongol ... or something. Now we have something way more Winged Hussar like, yes? I love this guy; I can't wait to have 3 or 4 units of them fully painted, charging down those pesky Maychians.
(The Fourteen Kingdoms are their own faction, but this particular named unit are mercenaries, so they can fight for any faction.)

When we hit 60k we will unlock variable-poses for the various units, and we'll create a non-pendant, lance-upright variant for this guy. Man, now you could field a whole army of just these sexy guys!
New Collaboration #1
You know, this industry never ceases to amaze me . We're basically a big huge group of gaming friends and sometimes a new friend pops up. Here I present to you: Fat Dragon Games.
They wrote to me today - unprompted - and said something along the lines of "love the kickstarter, we want to contribute!" And they promptly offered to chip in one of their terrain sets. 
Guys and gals, let's face it, that's all kinds of awesome. Go over to their forums, say "thank you" from the Torn Armor backers and let them know that we love them back.
What you are going to get:
What you have to do to get it:
Nothing except be a backer at a pledge level of $35 or more (any combination of reward/pledge that nets $35 or more gets you this, free of charge).
Seriously, is this kickstarter not like a fine wine? Does it not get better and gain value with age? =D
New Collaboration #2
Watch Boardgamegeek overnight. I cannot post a link, but there will be a special competition going through them that we arranged before the Kickstarter went live. 
What? We knew that this part of the kickstarter would need some lovings, so lovings we arranged ...
More tomorrow on that front.
Tonight's Dice Roll-a-Thon-give-me-the-Minis! Winner
Tonight's winner is "Vickey & Bob Beaver/Obatron Productions!" I think they just got a shout-out for their company =D Congratulations both of you, I will be writing to you shortly.
Wow ... it never stops amazing me just how much we have to say during these updates! 
~ Natalya


Or "favour" for our English speaking fellows across the pond. And - believe me - we have quite a few of them. Here is to you, chaps *raises a glass*
Lots of news. Let me see, there was something that I needed to say ...
Oh .. yes ...
This is a major milestone. It could not have happened without your support, trust, patience and enthusiasm. THANK YOU. 
We have made many new friends here on this journey. But we are not done and you know me; I will not rest until we have rocked this thing. We have a solid week remaining and I intend to push this as high as we can humanly get it, unlocking new mini-stretch goals every 5k!

The Stretch Goals to Come:

At 50k we unlocked the Hwacha (manned by 3 vanaran artillerists) and Ballista (manned by 3 Sisk). Each is a complete artillery unit and will be available to all "stretch goalers" and as add-ons.
At 55k we will unlock custom dice - using faction symbols instead of crossed swords. These will be available as add-ons. *ALSO* we are unlocking variable unit cards. The units in Torn Armor are "named," they are not generic units, but specific named creatures and people. What does this mean? Well that you could have another hoplite unit with slightly different abilities! So we are going to provide additional unit cards so you can field veteran versions of the core units (of course, each will cost additional gold to field in the battles). 
But wouldn't it be nice if you could also have a different looking unit for use with these cards? Well ... 
At 60k we will unlock variable poses for some units (different heads, weapon positions, legs etc). You will be able to literally field a whole new looking unit. 
At 65k we are going to unlock 3d resin terrain (hey Cardboard Jungle, I'm looking at you guys!) 
See this face? *points at self* It wants to bury you in gaming goodness.

Mini News:

This is a 3d print (wow, seriously, modern technology is just too awesome). It is not indicative of the final product miniature-wise, but we wanted you to see how awesome these miniatures will be. Painted by Martin Jones.

Daily Dice-Roll-a-Thon-Give-Me-Some-Goodies

Today's winner is Daniel Reinle! Congratulations to you! +$10 in goodies to you, sir!

Boardgamegeek Contest

It would be naughty of me not to tell you about this great collaboration going on here:
Spread the word, let everyone get a little Torn Armor loving.
And lastly ...
Again, seriously, thank you - all of you - for pledging to this project. It would not be possible without your support.
~ Natalya & Jack

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