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Torn Armor se acerca con paso firme a la meta inicial de 50,000 $, ahora mismo va por los 41,589 $, han aumentado las miniaturas que dan al nivel básico y mas altos, y sobre todo han mostrado WIP del gnomo Telza que esta muy pero que muy bien, ademas de un avance del golem ligero de Cisc de John Robertson. Una actualización muy sustanciosa como nos tiene acostumbrados.

No te lo pierdas Wargamer.


Another update later tonight will cover the Battle for An Gearesdan  and the map winner (which will be decided on Sunday!)
A second will cover the unlocked units we're adding now we're past 40k! Whooo, good job all of you and THANK YOU for your support!
THIS update covers the dice-roll-someone-gets-a-bonus-unit.
Tonight's winner is ...
Andrea De Crescenzo!
Andrea, congratulations, we have written to you about your extra $10 in add-ons. My apologies for doubtlessly butchering your name in the video below o.O
 ~ Natalya & Jack


The fighting is bogging down in the foothills of An Gearesdan. Scouts report that there is strange terrain ahead hereunto not reported on any previous scouting missions ... what have they discovered?
So last Monday we set the challenge to design a Torn Armor map and quite a few of you totally stepped up to the challenge! Private Messages, emails and pubic gauntlets thrown down were aplenty!
I have gathered all of these up and sent them off to an impartial judge ... she will be picking out her top 3 choices for 6PM PST on Sunday. She has no affiliation with the Torn Armor game or team, and I consider her to be one of the industry's best painters and diorama artists out there. I won't share her name yet - lest some of you offer gifts and sweet talkings to win her over - but I am thrilled to have her looking over your wonderful creations. Believe me, if anyone can look at a map for balance, creativity, and tactical balance and interest, she can!
What this means is that we cannot update the map until Sunday, but we can move onto the next round!
Sending out the Scouts
So we're going to revisit a favorite from earlier in the kickstarter. We had fewer backers back then and there has been an incredible amount of news since:
  • Mini-stretch goals every 5k have unlocked Winged Hussars, Buckles & Sebastian, two leader units (one Sisk, one Maychian), AND FOUR more maps.
  • A third behemoth has been announced and concept artwork shown for "Moriarty's Bell," the Gnomish Assault Platform.
  • Rules and unit cards have been posted. Paper miniatures so you can start playtesting have been made available! Feedback is already coming in.
  • All shipping fees have been removed for anywhere in the world.

So the challenge for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday is to ensure that the various gaming sites and blogs know about this. All of you are utterly fantastic, you have already helped spread the word like a horde of rabid mu, so let's ensure that your efforts are recognized!
You can start new threads or contribute to existing ones. Pick a site or blog, any of them, and spread a little news about what is going on over here; your interpretation of it, your favorite bit of recent news.
That's it. Post below a link to where you helped spread the love, declare your faction. Done =D
This time we're doing one entry each. The Maychians took it tremendously last time, but I have a feeling that we have a few more Sisk onboard now ... so come on my fellow hoplites, let's stick it to these barbaric animals!
~ Natalya


Okay, a few things to update you on.
Firstly, we passed the 40k mark quite nicely and are homing in on 50k. Think about that for a moment: we're pushing for the end goal and we're no where near the end yet ... that's fantastic, that makes the 75k stretch goal a clear possibility as there is always that very strong uptick at the end. 
Because I have been promising to bury you all in miniatures, we have unlocked SIX minis at the "All stretch goals" level (they'll also be added as add-ons over the weekend). What does this now look like?
A high resolution version of this is here - it's large and you can get right down into the detail: http://www.tornworld.com/assets/unitspreadX.jpg
The goblins are already in green format (hence their unusual presence there), and Telza has a sculpt which I will post below. Telza is a mage (good alignment), the Blackwater mage is a sworddancing bard. Okay, he's also a mage (evil alignment). Both of them plus the goblins are mercenaries, so any faction can field them.
Wondering about the "good" and "evil?" well basically if you take on something that is "good" you cannot also field something "evil" in the same battle, and visa-versa.
We're including these 4 guys simply to say "thank you" to you, our backers. I wanted to really pump into extra value at this time to mark 40k being achieved. These will be the ONLY minis we are including from the CSM line and they will be cast in resin (vs. the metal from CSM). The goblins will come without the square bases (Torn Armor units are mounted on round bases). We WILL be making extra bases available as an add-on.
If you are already getting these minis from Center Stage, contact me and we'll switch them out for something else if you are at the "all stretch goals" level :)
Telza sculpt ... tell me he is not one sexy looking little gnome! And very appropriate considering the 3rd behemoth unit we announced earlier this week!
Progress from John Robertson on the Sisk light war golem. He's beginning to take shape nicely, don't you think?
Painted Miniatures
News on this front: we had 4 miniatures land in a painters lap yesterday and he has indicated that he can start getting painted results back to us shortly. Personally I am very excited to get these posted (and there will be more to come as we send dozens out to painters worldwide).
Add-ons coming soon:
  • Extra dice - maybe even customized for your chosen faction!
  • Tote bag (looking into this)
  • T-shirts ... I'm caving in, I admit it. I think we can figure out how to make these available without it becoming a logistical nightmare
  • Extra bases (for all of your miniature needs!)

Wow ... that's quite the update. I love doing these things - we never tire of things to say.
THANK YOU again each and every one of you for being part of this and for making it happen. 
~ Natalya

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