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El Kickstarter de Torn Armor esta muy cerca de conseguir el dinero que necesita para llegar a los 50,000$. Por ahora tienen ya 38,727 $ y 373 participantes. Las actualizaciones de anoche son muy interesantes.

Primero tenemos los bocetos del tercer Behemot. Un diseño mecánico con engranajes. Hay ganas de ver la miniatura en cuestión. Además de alguno que otro detalle hay noticias bastante importante en las actualizaciones. Los gastos de envio ahora son gratis a todo el mundo, si lo que has leído.  En caso de nueva Zelanda y Australia, ya que no hay una forma económica para enviar los juegos alli y como detalle personal a la comunidad de esos dos países, los gastos de envio los cubrirá ella misma para dar el mismo trato que a los demás.

Los que ya tuvieran gastos de envio gratis, por ver nuestro Hangout con Alyssa Faden o otros podcast y programas, se les cambiara por un cheque regalo para comprar más cosas en el Kickstarter. Además hay muchas apariciones de Alyssa Faden, en cada una de ellas da una unidad o miniatura extra o como fue nuestro caso Envio Gratis, busca por la red. Estas avisado.


Two updates tonight: one for the little dice-roll-someone-gets-a-bonus-unit and one later for FREE SHIPPING. Yup, that's right, it's happening.
But without further ado ... *drumroll*
Tonight's winner of $10 towards any add-on is: Michael Clarke.
Congratulations Michael, we will be contacting you.
~ Natalya & Jack


So earlier this week we announced a third behemoth unit ... and here are the concept sketches:
The gnomes of Torn are a very rare race; very few of them are seen about the world. Those that do exist are fixated with developing their life's dream: an invention to beat all inventions. Something that will indelibly place them into the annals of time. Every gnome chases a different dream, a different device, many spend decades tinkering with pieces, parts and gadgets all related to that masterwork creation. And so enters "Moriarty's Bell." This is a gnomish clockwork assault platform.

The initial sketches are done, now we'll go into final artwork and add the gnomes. . Imagine steam engines, metal crab arms, rivets, levers, more steam engines, wheels, and gnome spellcasters hurling random magic from the gantry. From the top something called a "Ploozmoo" belches forth violent magical energies, and down below Moriarty himself sits on his control platform, wrestling this contraption into the fray. With wild hair, a "British" pith hat upon his head, hussar jacket flapping open about his torso, and wild mustache perched under bulging eyes.
Ladies and gents, I announce to you: "Moriarty's Bell." From a game perspective this will be a "Assault Behemoth" (called an Assault Platform). It will have two spell casters on the gantry and a wild gnomish spell-belcher (called a Ploozmoo). It will have the advantage of range, and the ability to attach spells to the unit (unheard of for assault types). But it will have the disadvantage of the ranged attacks and melee attacks being weaker than normal, and ... well ... this is gnomish ... if the ranged attacks miss during a round, it will take the entire of the next round to fix the problem, and if the melee attacks miss, then Moriarty's Bell actually hurts itself. We cannot wait to show you the concept artwork (and final artwork!) on this one. 
We will add it as an add-on when the artwork is in and final.
It will be $40 - same as the other two behemoths - but we will be offering a "set of all 3 behemoths" at a reduced price.
And there's the whole no shipping thing, of course ;)
~ Natalya


Quick update on the battle for tonight. Because we're letting map submissions come in to 9PM PST and they still need to go through impartial review, we'll announce the next round of the battle tomorrow (Friday 22nd) and will announce the map winner during the weekend (probably Sunday). 
You have a couple of hours to send across your submissions if you are looking to enter the map contest ... there have been GREAT entries from everyone so far, really GREAT.
~ Natalya


So this has been 3 or 4 weeks in the making: FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE.
Why did we not launch with this? Well the simple truth is that shipping out of the US is $40 a box, minimum. If we had ended up we a few backers here, a few over there, and x-amount over there, we would have been eating a lot of costs ... it would have hurt ... so we opted for the shipping fees. It turned a few people away, but it made business sense.
But here we are 2 weeks into the Kickstarter and we have a sense for where people are located. Aside from anything, it is a THRILL to see people crop up in Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and so many awesome places. Seriously, can you imagine how cool it is to be talking to gamers from the world over? It's like the old pen-pal system, but HERE and NOW.
One thing that has emerged is that we have a lot of backers in my good old country of England. Love you guys, love that the gaming community is so strong there. But what does this mean?
Well the England is right there in the EU. Theoretically if we could ship enough boxes to England, then we could do it en-bulk, we could warehouse everything and ship out to the rest of the EU from there. Shipping to anywhere in the states - for one of our boxes - is about $15. Shipping from England to France or Germany is about $15. All it requires is for us to have enough orders from the EU and a location to ship from.
Enter Tor Gaming. (
They kindly offered to be that central shipping point and warehouse, so suddenly we have some options. Which then ties in to the fact that we've had a lot of backers from the EU!
Now we can ship a pallet from America to England, cover import costs (!) and ship out (at American comparable rates) to all EU backers. Are you kidding me? The game just changed right there.
So that's what we're doing!
So what about the non-EU backers? WORRY NOT!
The simple truth is that you guys rule and (New Zealand, Australia) you tend to get shafted when it comes to any type of game. So here's what we're doing for you, we're covering your shipping at our expense. Yes it will eat into the cost vs. pledge level, yes it may mean that we have to eat a little ourselves, but honestly getting you a kickass game for you to play at a reasonable rate is worth it.
What about those folks with "Free Shipping!" promo codes (you have been watching and listening to the podcasts and interviews right guys and gals?), again, worry not. All "free shipping" promocodes will be converted to $ add-on value to apply to add-ons.
Promocodes: Sometimes I post a podcast *cough* *cough* that reveals something about the game, Torn, or a promocode. Just saying *cough*  *cough* 1:31:19 Seg6: Let’s Kick It!- Torn Armor
So what abut the add-ons?
Honestly? We have it covered as well. Our biggest concern two weeks ago was shipping odd-sized parcels to a bazillion different countries, but that's not going to happen, and the Tor collaboration allows us to mitigate a lot of our business concerns. We can waive the fees on the add-ons and still be comfortably positioned. 
So watch the video, I go all out there, but at the end of the day we are thrilled to be at this point at to be able to offer you Free Shipping, we really are.
Please - help us spread the word. You've been fantastic, you are our voices "out there." Help us let people know that import and shipping costs should not be an obstacle to them getting in on this great Kickstarter!
~ Natalya & Jack

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