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El Kickstarter de Drake: The Dragon Wargame esta funcionando bastante bien en los 16 días que lleva, con una recaudación de 47,365 y con 311 participantes esta teniendo suficiente éxitopara llegar bastante lejos. Aún quedan 27 días y eso es mucho tiempo para dar lo mejor de si durante este Kickstarter y seguro que lo hará.

Esta noche tenemos a Benjamin McDonald Director de Action Games Miniatures para hablarnos de Drake y su Kickstarter a las 22:00 horas de España. No te lo pierdas Wargamer.

Aquí tenéis la recopilación de todas las actualizaciones hasta la fecha, para echarles un vistazo. Imágenes muy chulas y algunas entradas bastante interesante.


Welcome everyone to the world of DRAKE!!
I feel it may be a good sign that we have the number of backers we do BEFORE I MAKE THE FIRST UPDATE!!! HAhaaha! (You all so very much completely rule...) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

We at AGM will spare no expense, no amount of effort and are going to do everything possible to make this Kickstarter the best experience for everyone.

We have AWESOME stretch goals planned for numerous levels. Balanced and exciting additions for every aspect of the game. Rules downloads and videos are available on our website as well as in the body of this Kickstarter.
This game means everything to us, our team is DEDICATED and we are going to eat, sleep, breathe, and dream this project every day until its completion.

Action Games Miniatures


Hooolllleeee Moooooly! 
Ok as I write this we are growing... numerous new contributions have happened as I have loaded this update. OK here are some things I want everyone to know right now! (more to follow soon)

1- PLEASE ask questions, inquire about rules, models, cards, anything you like. We WILL get to them, just because things are busy does not mean we do not see your comments and love them. We will respond ASAP, things are just busy. (hehehe... YES!!!)
2- We have EXCELLENT KS EXCLUSIVE options and models ready and planned. We have just hit those $financial$ targets so fast we don't have them posted yet. REGARDLESS everyone who pledges early (like all of you currently reading this) and qualifies will receive the exclusive. Give us a couple of hours and they will be out.]


Hey Folks!
Less than a day into the campaign we broke our funding goal and reached our first stretch goal!  We're all blown away by all the excitement surrounding Drake.  We're busy getting the next set of stretch goals ready for you.  There's some awesome stuff coming down the pipe.
Please keep the comments coming in and keep asking questions if you have any.  We're eager to share the world of Dara with you. 
Benji, Andrej and Adam    


Good morning everyone!

We have just hit the 18K stretch goal and it feels like just a moment ago we launched the Kickstarter.  Take a look at the newly unveiled Drons.  Those things are crazy mean little buggers, disposable, but oh so effective.

Those Female Heroes are a tough bunch too and we're happy to have reached them overnight.  My favourite is the Cherek Mother, who looks like she has a thing for clobbering anyone that gets close to her babies.  She's a constant multitasker that one, evidenced by one of the little ones having a drink.

We're all going on little sleep, but we feel great.  We'll have to devise a system for letting some us get some shut eye, while the others are keeping watch and working.

I also wanted to show you the Jern as part of the Rish force.  Now it's no longer a silhouette and I hope you like it.  Here it is from a different angle from the one on the campaign graphics.  This creature has quite a back story.  Here's a piece of Benji's warped mind:

"Jern are highly valued and closely held servants. They are a powerful species in their own right. The Jern were recent additions to the old world followers of the Rish Dragons, their alliance going back only a few millennia. Jern are crafty and exploitative. Some serve with fanatical devotion, others for personal gain.  This makes them unpredictable allies.  Like all old world creatures the Jern are still finding their place in the new world. However, these wise and capable beasts are prepared for the future and their story on the continent of Dara is only just beginning."
We hope to keep ticking off many more fantastical creatures - and some more utilitarian - as the campaign progresses.  We hope you're enjoying the ride so far!
  • Image-221659-full


Good morning friends,
Last night we hit another milestone and so here is a great group shot of the Assassin Unit for your viewing pleasure.  Please note that each unit per force contains 3 models with different poses.  So far we have shown only one pose per force for this stretch goal. 
The art department headed by Adam has been cranking these models out at a furious pace.  We're all sticklers for detail so we like to get things right before we show stuff.  The next batch of stretch goals is being worked on and there is some great stuff coming down the pipe, including some free stuff for Army boxes and higher pledge levels. 
Ben is full of ideas and stories for each little miniature.  He knows the backstory for every province and every town on Dara and when I ask him a small question about some logistical thing he always manages to turn his answer into a wild story about sabotage, magic rituals, espionage and fantasy lore.  It's a lot of fun for all of us working on this game and I hope you're having fun watching our little world grow.
Our marketing engine has really just begun and we're looking forward to many more exciting days to come.  Your help spreading the word has been the reason we have done so well in the first two days and we're eternally grateful.  Onwards!
  • Image-221961-full


Awesome!!! You guys are incredible!!!
This is amazing and our team is totally galvanized to bring you the best Kickstarter ever!
New Stretch Goals unleashed!!!! We have a REALLY incredible experience happening for our next stretch goal especially. Things are looking great and if I may be so bold I feel we will be there soon!
(200+ now in the time it took me to write this...)


To the Moon!  We've released the next set of Stretch Goals for you. 
At 40K we've got a Mystery Egg.  Oooh the mystery.
At 50K we've got The Eradicators, one of which you may recognize...
And then at 65K is when the sought after Hardcover Rulebook will enter the picture.  This was going to come later, but we've decided that there is enough people asking for it that it wouldn't be fair to keep you waiting.  I know, we're really nice.
Finally, I'd like to point out that we've added a new pledge level that allows folks to pick and choose models from the upgrades list if that's all they want.  Choice is everything, so why not?
Also the poster looks awesome blown up to gargantuan proportions in Benji's kitchen.  Just saying.


The awesome ultimate collection picture in all its glory!!!
OK I don't want to sound overconfident but there is a pretty good chance that there will be even more super awesome added to this very soon.
  • Image-222234-full


YES!!! 30K THANK YOU!!! 
Everyone this is SO awesome, we are totally coming out with some new stuff you are all going to love.
Today there will be some great new news including A FREE UNIT stretch goal that will add some serious muscle to EVERY army box. Can't wait to share. 
I am loving the way this is coming together, with every stretch goal we add more exciting value and game options to this project. All of us at AGM are so grateful for your support, I am so super excited for our next update... 


Excellent!!! This Beast really packs a punch!
  • Image-222690-full


For our initial game release we are presenting 3 forces. Each force is named for the dragon species that leads it, Saan, Garrick, and Rish. These great beasts are not alone however. They have full Dragonkin allies that join them for a variety of reasons.
From the beginning we have designed this game to allow flexibility. If you wish for a different game experience you can simply change your card deck (ex: swap your burn / zap deck for a counterspell / enhancement deck for a way different feel.) The same goes with Dragons. In our story (which is on the website and I hope everyone reads it hehe!) there are 127 full Dragon species. Not all of them will have their own force, and many of them have been allies for generations.
For this Kickstarter we will be releasing 1 Ally Dragon for each force. Every force will have an ally and things will be completely even. (Example Timor is an ally of the Garrick Dragon force.)
We will have info about the remaining 2 ally Dragons out very soon!
  • Image-222703-full


Massive beasts, unstoppable Dragons, deadly summoned creatures, Dara is a land of peril. Wise generals will field Heavy Infantry along their ordinary rank and file to punch through tough enemies.
One unit of 3 models added FREE to all Army Box's and higher pledges when we hit this stretch goal. 
  • Image-222709-full


Hello all you awesome people!
My name is Adam Meixner, but you can just call me Meix.
I've been told to introduce myself and offer some behind-the-scenes tidbits about our game and what I do.  Writing is not a strength of mine, so please bear with me.  As the Artistic Director for AGM, I am responsible for the look of the game and most of the designs and characters that you see were created by myself.  I've worked with Benji for well over a year to come up with the general visual aesthetics.  We've spent many nights debating the fantasy world that we want to create.  Benji's ideas have always inspired me to create some crazy creatures and I'm proud of what we've come up with.  I have a grin that's a mile wide whenever I see people commenting on the models and I'm happy that our little game is doing well. 
Most of our models are ready to be cast or are very close to it and the final quality will be very close to what you see now.  It's important to note that what's been painted so far, like the Garrick Dragon, are some of our earlier models and I must say we've come a long way since then in terms of our manufacturing process.  
We listen to you - our fans - and we think that it's important to take feedback.  Please note that we are always updating things, improving and sometimes going back and fixing things if we think we can do better.  This morning I submitted our improved version of the Timor Dragon and we've updated it on the project page since then.  He's a new model and a dragon so he needed a little more love.  Enjoy!

  • Image-223156-full


To add to Adam's post from a little while ago, I thought I'd also point out that the Drons got a little loving as well.  They're more detailed now and have a bit more character I think.  Here's a cool shot of them.
  • Image-223172-full


Hi everyone! Wow I am so very happy and proud of our new stretch goals, seriously these ones are pretty amazing (I actually can't wait to start painting them!!! hehehe)
OK Benji seriously now... "Ahem" 
Here are some words on our new stretches, hit us up if you have any questions. DRAGONS RULE!
$80,000 - Unit Commanders - Those awesome unit leaders we all love! These models are not character specific, just those special heroes who have risen out of the rank and file to become the best of the best!
Speaking of the best; one is provided FREE.... FREE!!! FREE!!! To EVERY Army box which means you folks with the ultimate collection will get 3 of them! These are a great addition, and will look as good as they kill...  
< below is from the post > 
Exceptional heroes who have proven themselves in countless battles, these Unit Commanders are essential to battlefield dominance. Shown here is the Kaymayuk Warrior "Tizoc" an individual who has earned the right of command through exceptional deeds like destroying Draconic cousins single handedly or surviving an encounter with a true Drake. One FREE Commander added to each force with Army Box or higher, additional $10 each. 
$95,000 - Force Awakening -  Hmmmm...... Lets just say that EVERYONE has a reason to celebrate if this goal is reached... Judging by comments and opinions of this Kickstarter, the internet, and gamers in general we know this will be a knockout!~!~!~! 
$110,000 - KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE - What is better than getting an excellent game specific set of game templates... Getting TONS of KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE GAME TEMPLATES + KS DICE + TERRAIN!! This pack is designed to give you ultimate game-play enhancement. It is also FREEEEE FREEE FREE for the ULTIMATE COLLECTION and is actually priced really well compared to most template packs out there. Pictures of the terrain included will be up soon, it will be in resin (think Stonehenge meets ancient powers)

Ancient Terrain, KS Green dice, and KS exclusive templates, the finest accessories for an incredible game. Specific scenarios related to the included terrain pieces will be available for free on our website. Included FREE with Ultimate Collection, additional $15 per pack.  
$125,000 - ANCIENT DRAKE AWAKENING - Seriously I cant stop staring at The Timor Dragon.... You all KNOW this NEXT one will be totally amazing.....
  • Image-223866-full


As our marketing engine cranks into gear, I thought I'd let you know that we have a facebook page!  You guys are our best weapon for getting the word out about Drake.  The more people know about it and get involved, the more stretch goals we'll be able to unlock and the more goodies everybody gets.
Please hit that like button, comment on it and share with friends.  We'll do our best to keep it updated as we go.
There's a bunch more stuff coming down the pipe, but I thought I'd start off with good old Facebook.  Thanks everybody!


We've had a number of comments regarding the upcoming rulebook stretch goal and I thought I'd open it up for debate here.
We thought that a hardcover rulebook would be pretty awesome, but we've had suggestions that perhaps it would not be very practical and that it may not withstand the rigors of a typical game session as another type of book.  You are important to us, so let's hear what YOU want.  Here are 4 options:
Half-size (A4) softcover
Cerlox-bound (let's you add new pages)
We had a quick poll up about this on our website and it looked like hardcover was winning, but let's see if there are any final arguments to be made here for the other options.
By the way, I also wanted to let you know that we will be making the full rules available as a free PDF download on our website after the Kickstarter.  We've been given the analogy that not making it available would be like selling a car and then saying that the engine is an optional add-on.  Thanks for that!  :)  We don't want to be used car salesmen.  We want everybody to play Drake because we think it's awesome.  Keep in mind that while the free PDF of the rules will give you the nuts and bolts of all game mechanics it will not have all the graphical embellishments and it will not have the smell of sweet sweet Drake goodness.
Speaking of rules, I thought I'd let you know that our Quick Start Rules will be updated to 3.0 very soon and you should be able to download them for free just like 2.0.
Thanks everybody!


Hello everyone!
We at AGM are going to play-test down to the LAST SECOND when it comes to our force lists, cards, and army construction rules before we ship out our game. We want to make sure you all have the absolute best and most balanced game possible. This is very important for us because, poor combinations of cards and creature abilities could be deadly. Now, I know you clever devils will come up with your own super combos, like you always do to us, and we will be as prepared as possible for just that.
There has however been some chatter about playing large games and game model count so I wanted to add some fuel to the fire. There will be basic changes to some of what we have written below for the last draft, but these overall concepts are quite final.
Drake uses a fairly rounded points system that is quite simplified, compared to other mini games. Our models are arranged in point classes, a few I will detail below. Please keep in mind that I am "summing up" in popular game terms, these classes (not actual descriptions from the book.) Every model has its own description and book entry, we use the term "point class" just to keep organized. I know how much you all want to see the actual army lists... all in good time.
Veteran infantry: 5 pts. each
Militia infantry: 3 for 5 pts. (future release)
Specials and Heavies: 10 pts each
Medium based creatures and cousins: 10-20 pts.
Big Freaking Things: 25-35 pts.
Dragons: Free, you get to have one for every 200 points.


Let's say you really want to design a very big force with both a Garrick and Timor dragon. Thats no problem that they're from the same force; and as long as you play with a minimum 400 pts. (200 per Drake), per side. Now what does your 400 pt. force look like?
  • Image-225142-full


Garrick Dragon
8 Veteran infantry: 45 pts.
3 Heavy infantry: 30 pts.
3 Special troops: 30 pts.
1 medium Cousin: 10 pts.
1 medium Support creature: 15 pts.
2 Chant constructions: 25 pts.
2 Badass chant creations: 45 pts.
TOTAL = 200 pts.

So, this is 21 models, including the dragon. This force is made up of mighty, close combat crushers with a medium level of support. His card deck will be pretty heavy on enhancements and counter burn.


Timor Dragon
6 Cavalry: 60 pts.
6 Cavalry: 60 pts.
1 Support creature: 10 pts.
2 Small chant constructions: 20 pts.
3 Pretty wicked chant creations:50 pts.
TOTAL = 200pts
This force is a lightning strike battle-group. The cavalry could be swapped for 5 pt. infantry and still be pretty effective, if you wanted more coverage. Nineteen models are shown here; if you had a good painting system down for the cavalry, you could paint this whole section up fairly quickly. I will detail the outline of the hypothetical player Saan opponents 400pt army, soon.
Quick Start Rules 3.0 are on their way. I am aware of the storm of comments this update will most likely bring, and will do my best to keep up tomorrow!


Hi Everybody,
As we wait for more photos of models to come our way, we thought we'd hand out some Drake avatars for your enjoyment. Feel free to take them, upload them anywhere you like and use them in your profile pictures. You are our ultimate weapon to get the word out, to bring more people on board, and to help us unlock more of those stretch goals.
One of the best ways to spread the love is to take part in discussions on other forum websites. Here are a few of the larger forums out there that pertain to wargaming and where we already have a thread for the game. If you know of any other ones, please let us know and we'll add 'em to the list.
These two have yet to approve a specific page for Drake, but it should happen sometime soon. When it does, we'll let you know:
And finally, here is a German site, where I attempted to respond with my rather rusty German sills. If any of you speak the language, pop on in and say hello:
We've got other ideas up our sleeves, but this should be good for now.  As always, if you've got any suggestions yourselves, we'd be happy to hear them.
Finally, I thought I'd share some of our banner ads that we're putting up around the net. Heck, maybe you can find some use for them too.  Enjoy.
  • Image-225355-full
  • Image-225356-full
  • Image-225357-full
  • Image-225361-full


Hello, Hello!
The following is an army list spoiler. These lists are not totally public yet but updates containing army building info are going to be more frequent. Below is my favorite Saan Dragon force list at the moment. Some of these points costs may wiggle a bit before final print, but they're really pretty set.
You can play this list either as a mobility / fast attack force or what I call "tower defense" (where Sek'ent just blasts the face off everyone from a well protected position.)
Saan Dragon - Sek'ent

Terrax - Chel'check = 20pts
2 Keller - The Harmonious servants = 10pts
7 Kaymayuk Warriors - The Jaguar Claws = 40pts
3 Totem Warriors - The Dreamslayers = 45pts
2 Jaguar cavalry - Tooth and Claw = 20pts
2 Icon of force - minor energy barriers = 20pts
Power Marks - Marks of the Ether = 20pts
Corbrulo, Hellion of the Deep = 25pts
TOTAL: 200 Points
My spell deck is usually around 30 cards with a balance of enhancement, direct damage blast spells, and "draw extra card" spells. The Terrax is something no Saan player would ever go without, he let's you cast one spell of *3* or less for free. He also sticks close by and dies nicely if his master is ever physically threatened. Get those cavalry out there with a juicy enhancement spell and have them do as much damage as possible before they are toast (when I game I totally feel some things are supposed to get in there and die...)
Your Kaymayuk can either be placed in defense or offense, really the Warriors can destroy things of surprising size if they get to strike first and no one can really stop the Totems when they get going. Totem warriors count as what are called "Joined ones" and have a roll chart that gives them either attacking buffs or chant based missile attacks for one turn. The Icons of force are there to give you board control and placing the power marks early lets you design your strategy from the get go. When the time is right drop Corbrulo, he is freaking nasty on every turn he gains a different deadly attack.
I would love nothing more than to send out Beta army lists tonight and have everyone try out this force for themselves. Our force lists are tuned up and really fun but not quite ready for total public viewing just yet. Let me know what you think!
  • Image-227393-full
  • Image-227394-full
  • Image-227395-full


Hi everyone and welcome to our $40K Stretch update!
We have some exciting free heavy infantry to add to every army box or above pledge. One unit of three of these for each force. 
The Iron Fists - Rish force: Being beset on all sides by terrible beasts Rivercrests commanders came up with a cheap and effective solution. Give the biggest men you have huge spiked hammers and teach them to hit vital areas in succession. It has proven surprisingly effective. These troops are cheaper in points and have a combo strike that can fell even mighty draconic minions.
Yerke'Grom - Garrick force: Now Grom aren't stupid. Slow maybe but not stupid. They have noticed that human swords do tend to cut better then stone weapons. The trouble is that no self respecting Grom warrior would ever use the tools of the enemy. Enter the Yerke, who are in fact not very self respecting. Weather due to vengence, hatred, or plain cruelty these tribal warriors have forsaken pure ways and armed themselves with a large variety of steel. This is a trend every human general hopes does not become popular.
Totem Warriors - Saan force: Please enjoy the podcast below for details on how these "Joined ones" are created...
Thank you everyone for helping us reach this goal! Now that we have finished prepping some new models and they are on their way to us; we will have more exciting updates out tomorrow!
Of Secrets and Shadows
Part 1: The Light of the Soul


Here is a surprise mini stretch goal for all you dragon fans out there! One incredible spirit creature added FREE to every army box pledge or higher when we reach $45K. All dragons can summon these, and when they burst free from their host you get to pick the type of actions / abilities they preform. Fun, deadly and beautiful!
Un-aligned Chant Creation 
The creation of Oolen is relatively new to dragon chant magic and their full potential has yet to be reached. All dragon species have begun using these valuable creatures. They are very difficult to make and drain chanting creatures energy considerably in order to store vast amounts of energy and thought. These creations are exact and persevering servants. Oolen only last half a day in their true form and are hidden inside “volunteers.” When their host dies the Oolen explodes into action, preforming the tasks it was created for. Assassination, destruction, or even carrying complex chant layered messages.
  • Image-228519-full


Hi Folks,
Because of popular demand we have done a few small things that I thought I'd let you know about. 
  • Power Marks, Wall of Bone and Stone, and the Icon of Force have been added to the upgrades. 
  • All models in the upgrades are now marked with their force logo so you don't have to search to see which model belongs to which army. 
  • Shipping has been explained a bit more in the FAQ in case there is any confusion.
  • Yes, the hardcover rulebook will be included for free with the Ultimate Collection and above. All backers will also be able to download a free PDF version without the artistic embellishments that the hardcover version has.
Lastly, we have opened up another way for backers to qualify for the stretch goals of the Army Box and the Ultimate Collection. We have been asked to open things up a bit and allow more freedom for people to choose how they want to support us. While the Ultimate Collection is still a great way to go with models at under $3 each, you will qualify for the included stretch goals of the Ultimate Collection if your total pledge amount equals or exceeds the $240 of the Ultimate Collection. You can do this directly by pledging for the Ultimate Collection or through any combination of multiple pledge levels and upgrades. It's up to you. The same applies to the $85 for Army Box included stretch goals. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting us, because you should be able to take the route you want.
Now that we've gotten some housekeeping out of the way, I hope you enjoy the next update, because it's totally awesome.


These are the most powerful of chant creations, true displays of a dragons harmonic might. Behold the deadly, powerful and strangely beautiful Eradicators.
Master Of the Sea: Small microorganisms exist everywhere, but nowhere as much as in the ocean. Tiny Zooplankton and Phytoplankton are in the hundreds of thousands in a bucket of seawater. Mighty Saan dragons can feel this vibration of life and with the power of the chant energize and enhance a portion of the sea and any creatures in it, compelling them to walk aground and serve them. Lords of the sea are transported to battle in gigantic casks. They survive as long as the creatures inside them are fed and given sunlight. In battle they are terrible foes, drowning their victims and spraying columns of steam and super heated water. Truly an example of Saan chant magic supremacy.
The Hoarding Beast: Deep Earth Worms are normally not violent or aggressive. They consume carrion and are capable of smelling it from below the ground. Usually shying away from conflict, they will attack if disturbed and are dangerous foes. Garrick dragons and their allies were impressed with these huge creatures. After a lengthy ceremony of chant magic induced stasis the worms can be controlled and goaded into acts of terrible violence. Their hunger insatiable, they consume enemies whole, and the chant expands their digestion allowing numerous victims to fit in the worm's many stomachs. Garrick force “Joined ones” from the Huma tribe known as Huma’tor seem to have an affinity for the worms. They control them with huge crooks and often cast corpses or a wounded enemy into their gigantic mounts maws.
Erhan of the Earth: The Sola Theatre in Rivercrest is a majestic building. It can house over one thousand patrons, and was mostly un-damaged when the Rish conquered the city. Most Rish dragons and their allies ignore the place, finding humans pretending to be other humans as interesting as watching an anthill. Kal’mak, a young and naive Rish drake, thought he would put on a performance of his own one day, and created an entity that flowed through the earth to surprise his human targets. While this was quite amusing to him, his older family members were intrigued by the possibility of the massive destruction it could bring to their enemies. The large statue in front of The Sola Theatre is no longer present; instead copies of it spring from the ground and deal horrible damage to the enemies of the Rish. 
(details on pricing and such found on main page, info on composition and assembly will follow in these comments.)


Hello all!
In honor of us breaking "300 Backers" here is our first of many model un-boxing videos. We are featuring some basic models for your viewing pleasure. This video is longer then our other videos and has more details on the models and Force cards. Our Rivercrest Swordsmen was delayed by one day and will arrive on Monday. Alright enough talking lets get to it!

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