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El Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus va mejor que nunca le quedan 25 días para finalizar y ya han recaudado 128,263 $ con 566 backers. En estos 25 días les será perfectamente posible desbloquear las metas mas alejadas que corresponden a nuevas facciones.

En esta entrada hay nuevos bocetos, posturas alternativas, reenders de las nuevas miniaturas, el mapa de ruta de recompensas y el primer diseño de cuatro de una serie de miniaturas femeninas. ¿que más se le puede pedir?


So here is the update to the special limited edition posed Wild West Exodus Mercs Crew.  
The crew will feature, Captain Marcus Wayward, Lt. Zarelda Kincade, Jake Mattia, and Flowing River.
This is still early concept work so look for the polished up version of these guys coming in the next day or so.  
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Some of you have asked for an updated 3D render of one of the heavy vehicles so here it is.

Doomsday in all her glory.  Dr. Carpathian and his legion of undead seem to be traveling in a bit of style.  
Wonder what Jesse James and the boys will say about that.

Stay tuned.  
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Hey everybody here is the first update today.  Not only have we busted down a bunch of stretch goals in the past 24 hours but we are racing to $100k 
Holy Toledo that is awesome!
Check out the latest updates and look for the front page to be updated again soon.  
In Jesse We Trust, Magic Time
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Since we never showed these images before we thought you guys should get the update.  
Any pledge level that you see Boss Models Alt Sculpt Wave 2 refers to these guys.  They have the same stats as the original models at this point.  Wink, Wink, but have the dynamic poses showing off how cool they are.  
Many of the levels got these for free so enjoy and off to the next update.  
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Hey guys, another stretch goal smashed on Friday.  Great work from everyone that is spreading the word.  We are picking up backers like they are a cold.  Awesome job to everyone that is posting and doing their part.  
We could not this without you.  
So for the good news.  Repulsive just got another free item.  Ya, that's right the Repulsive people just keep getting free stuff.  I know, what the heck.  What about the rest of us.  Don't you guys worry, everyone's pot will continue to sweeten but just a bit less than the Repulsive.  
The big dogs keep getting the bones.  
As for the update we unlocked the super cool Micro Art Studios Saloon / Hotel.  This multi part kit features neon signs that can be swapped out to make two different buildings.  Not only that but they can also be opened up to allow for indoor battles.  
The pieces go together very quickly and will add a whole new level of detail to your table top.  This is actually only building 1 of many more being released for WWX by MAS.  
Pricing for these buildings are set at $35 as an add-on item.  These are very large buildings and have a lot of great detail.  Very much worth the MSRP.  Keep in mind that with this KS they are reduced so catch them while they are on here.  
More news to come later today.  
Thanks everyone. 
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Here are the wave 2 Light Support Heavy Weapons for each faction. 
Warrior Nation - Hired Hand with Gatling Gun
Outlaw - Hired Hand with .50Cal Rifle (armor piercing rounds)
Union - Hired Hand with Rocket Pod Launcher
Enlightened - Hired Hand with Phonic Grenade Launcher (this weapon is awesome, trust us)
Enjoy guys and here is to $100,000 by midnight.  Can we do it? 
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Well its the end of the week and we wanted to let you all have one last big surprise before we start the fun all over again on Monday. 
Here is one more update before we head home to be with the families.  
This awesome set will unlock at $115,000.  It will be an add-on item and will increase your pledge amount by $35.  Anyone that has Repulsive may switch out the hotel for the house set during the survey. 
Please enjoy your weekend guys and thank you for making this the best kickstarter ever.  
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Just wanted to make sure everyone gets to see the new stretch goals laid out for the near future. 
Take special note to the 5% discount to all add on models coming up.  This means that all items in the add-on section will get reduced by 5% each time we break those goals.  That means that your money gets more valuable without you doing anything at all.  
Help us spread the word and everyone wins big.  Thank you for helping us break $100,000.  That is just crazy and awesome at the same time.  More great things to come.  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  
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Here is a little something to hold you over while we update the front page.  
This is Stone Fist mounted on Running Thunder of the Warrior Nation.  Yes, those are double mounted cannons on an Energy Beast.  
I think its easy to say that most men would run if they saw something like this coming at them.  Oh, the beast also bites.  
More underbosses getting uploaded now.  
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Here are all 4 of the Wave 2 Underboss models.  
Johnny Ringo - Outlaws
Stone Fist Mounted on Running Thunder - Warrior Nation
Robert Pinkerton - Union
VII - Enlightened
More great stuff unlocking soon.  
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Hi everyone.  Today we received an email from the great people at Kickstarter.  
It seems that part of the kickstarter policy is not to include discounts on future purchases during your campaign.  
This is something Kickstarter takes very seriously so we must obey the rules.  However we are going to award everyone with a stretch goal that will fit in that slot.  
We are bumping up the 5% off discount on all add-on items right now and will be updating the website to show this.  
All other stretch goals seem to be fine and kickstarter really likes our project and its success.  Here is to cooler goals and and even bigger week then last.  
We also include a cool picture to brighten your day.  
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Ok everyone, it was a bear of a task but it is done.  The main page is finally fixed up and looking sexy.  A few more minor tweaks here and there and she'll be 100%. 
All of the unlocked items have been made available and we adjusted all the prices since you guys unlocked both of the 5% discounts.  
Now all your models are reduced in price and your pledge just got more valuable without any effort. 
Look for some really exciting news in the coming days.  I can't spoil it for you but its cool.  Lets keep pushing this train along and see what we get.  Super excited for this. 
Thanks everyone. 

Here is an early preview of the Kickstarter exclusive Ladies of the West Union model.  
Rules and stats on these killers will be coming soon. Stay tuned 
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