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Dos actualizaciones cada cual mejor del Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus con una recaudación de 70,227 $ y 375 backers.

Ya al superar la meta de los 60.000 $ han aprovechado y presentado el Light Suport de la Warrior Nation un caballo realmente impresionante. Además aclaran que cada caja contiene 3 armas para personalizar cada uno de los vehículos ligeros.
Han añadido un nivel más para los backers, Repulsive un pack que para dos jugadores es la guinda por la cantidad de miniaturas que se llevan y los extras que han añadido, y como todo Kickstarter si sigue asi se hace cada vez mas grande. Y sin olvidar el libro de arte que han añadido, genial.
Y la tercera y más curiosa el Heavy Suport para las demás facciones dodne la Warrior Nation van a tener un Elk con muy malas pulgas, teneis que verlo me encanta.


Hello everyone,
Here is your first update of today.  We have so much cool stuff to talk about this morning.  
First, the Light Support Choices for each faction have been unlocked and added to the list of add-ons at the bottom of the campaign.  To add these to any of you selected pledge levels simply go to your manage my pledge page and adjust your amount up based on how many units you want. 
Don't forget that each box comes with 3 Light Support Iron Horses or Energy Beasts.  You also get three different heads and 3 different types of weapons for each rider.  
If your looking to build an all cav army remember that Light Support Choices are unlimited so you will have no problem. 
Also keep in mind that the Kickstarter add-on price for these is only $30 but when they release to the general public they will be the normal $45.  
Get them quick guys and help us unlock the big stuff.  Here is to another day of great pledges and cool unlocks.  Thank you to everyone helping this dream become a reality.  :)
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The messages and emails have been coming in to create a new pledge level that really pumps up the awesome factor.  
Here is the early bird for this super stuffed pledge level.  Not only do you get everything that has unlocked for Shameless, but you also get the following. 
8 x Heavy Weapon Models Wave 1 and Wave 2, 1 x Heavy Support Vehicle of your choice, 1 x WWX Concept Art Book, + 2x Hired Hands Box from Faction of your choice (includes 5x Long Range and 5x Close Combat models),and all unlocked stretch goals as listed in Repulsive
Trust me these will be good unlock goals that you will want to be part of.  Get them while they last guys.  
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Hey guys,
Here is wave 1 of the Heavy Support Choices for each of the remaining factions. 
Doomsday for the Enlightened
Great Elk for the Warrior Nation
Rolling Thunder for the Union
All of these will be unlocking soon with your help.  Spread the word and lets get to $80K together.  More stuff just around the corner.  
Thanks for pledging.  
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