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Outlaw Miniatures esta dando muy fuerte con el Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus, ya han alcanzado la cifra de 30,229 $ con 197 participantes.

Ya tenemos aquí las miniaturas desbloqueadas en esta ocasión, una para cada facción, además habla sobre el cómic y su suscripción y opciones adicionales como parches, dados y mas cosillas.


Some have asked about the comic subscription and other goodies that are part of rotten to be added as additional items to be purchased.  We actually went and just added them as a free stretch goal. 
If we reach $50,000 everyone that has backed us at the Wicked level or higher will receive everything in the Rotten group for free.  
-This means you will get the following added to your purchase at no additional cost. 
-The Exclusive KickStarter only Comic cover for issue #1 of the WWX series.
-Signed exclusive KickStarter art print. 
-Beta Game Rules PDF on the day the KickStarter funds with the latest additions and new model stats.
-KickStarter exclusive Dark Council Patch
-4 WWX 10 sided dice with logo
and a full season 1 subscription to the comic series getting you 6 full issues. 
If you have already subscribed to the comic we will issue a refund for that subscription or you can add it to your order as additional funds that can be spent on models or add on items during the survey.  
Thanks for making this possible and we are just as excited as you are to see this fund.  If we are lucky it may happen tonight!  Holy Cow!  


We have just opened up the items in Rotten as add on items.  For anyone that has not pledged for wicked or higher these can be simply added by increasing your pledge.  The rest will be taken care of at the end of the campaign. 
If you have selected Wicked or higher we are hoping to reach our $50,000 goal to allow for these to become free items for you guys.  
Thank you everyone.


With the excitement that this Kickstarter has gotten we had to post the images of the soon to be unlocked Sidekick models.  
We are actually heading home to get some sleep but wanted everyone to know that as soon as our team is up in the morning and if the $30,000 stretch goal has been achieved we will be unlocking these awesome guys for everyone to get their hands on.  
Thanks guys and see you in the morning.  
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