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Aquí tres actualizaciones del Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus una recaudación de 56,112 $ y 39 días por delante.

Tres entradas que abarcan ligeros cambios en las metas del kickstarter y el precio de adquisición de las motos de forma individual, la presentación de un nuevo vehículo y el desbloqueo de los apoyos pesados a los 55k de recaudación.


Hi everyone,
Thank you to all of you who have done such an awesome job in spreading the word the past few days.  We keep getting backers and that is because of your hard work.  
We can't do this without you so know that we appreciate everyone involved.  
Now for some fun stuff.  
Two bits of news that should make everyone very happy.  
1. Light Support has been combined into one single stretch goal.  We listened to your emails and requests and decided that you guys are right.  Why unlock them at different times when every faction should get them at $60k.  Now we still need to reach that magic number so keep on doing what you guys do.  
The price for the Light Support will be the same regardless of faction.  The kits will each come with 3 Light Support choices, and 3 riders.  Each kit will have enough inside to load out the iron horses and Warrior Nation riders with different weapons.  
The price will be a discounted special price as an ADD-ON item.  Normally Light Support packs will retail for $45 us but on KS it will be down to $30 us per pack of 3.  That's a huge savings and keep in mind that Shameless pledge levels will also get the first set free.  
2. Our crack staff of 3D sculptors are currently working on some really cool light of sight blocking terrain.  These will include ammo dumps, crates, boxes, barrels, and weapon stashes.  You will be able to use these resin cast goodies as terrain or as objectives in the many missions.  
Lastly, with Alessio currently going over the rules we have made a change to the Light Support choice.  No longer are they limited to 3 per choice.  They are now unlimited so you can truly make an all mounted army.  
More to come in the next few days.  
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The first in the line of Heavy Weapon Choices.
Behold the Outlaw Ironhide Heavy Weapon Choice. 
This vehicle is super fast on the battle field and can carry up to 5 hired hands.  It can be set up with Rocket Pods, Mini Cannons, or Gatling Guns.  
It has an open top option that lets you attack your enemies while driving by.  This little beast will run circles around your enemy once on the table.  
Look for this vehicle to be unlocked at $65k with your help.  
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We just unlocked the Heavy Weapon Light Support Hired Hands.  All starter boxes for each faction will get 1 added at no additional cost.  
Awesome stuff guys.  You all rock!  Golf clap from the Outlaw Miniature staff going on right now!
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