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Nueva actualización del Kickstarter de Mantic Games donde nos muestran los greens de los Paladines, cada vez queda menos para tener las Miniaturas en nuestra mano, si todo sale bien en Junio las tendremos.

All is well behind the scenes with Kings of War as the last unit sculpts have been sent off for tooling. This means we are bang on schedule to deliver our second shipment of Kings of War in June.
One of the biggest things about the Kings of War Kickstarter was the funding of the new Celestian army, one that Alessio has called Basilea.
We managed to steal the sculpts from Stewart before they were shipped off, stole our resident photographer Ben away from the warehouse and put the two together to bring you - finished Basilean Greens!
Basilean Paladins
The Paladins epitomise the Basileans at peace and at war. Holy men, utterly devoted to worship of the Shining ones, they spend their days in meditation and prayer, aiding the sick and needy, teaching, or preserving and spreading ancient knowledge. That is until battle calls, when the Paladins take up their swords and head to war.
The Paladins are warriors beyond compare. Secure in their place in the afterlife, they are afraid of little other than dishonour. Even in times of peace, they spend hours each day in the practise of arms, both mounted and on foot.
Paladins are armed with two handed swords and come with a full Command. They can also be mounted on Horse, swapping their swords for Lances and shields!
Please let us know what you think in the comments - we think these are going to be some of the nicest human models ever made! Plenty more to come as well... we'll have another update VERY soon!

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