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Nueva actualización de Mantic en su Kickstarter para ponernos más largos aún los dientes. En esta ocasión tenemos unas breves palabras de Alessio Cavatore sobre el segundo libro de Kings of War y además dos artes conceptuales del mismo. El personaje angelical no me acaba de convencer mucho, esta muy bonito, pero no me acaba de entrar. Sin embargo el clérigo es una chulada tengo muchas ganas de ver todas estas nuevas miniaturas.

Things never stop around the Mantic Bunker and we’ve had a crazy Christmas made all the more manic given the monumental effort from our creative design team to get the Kings of War Sculpts to tooling ahead of the shipment in Q2 2013.

We've seen some requests for an update on the expansions, the first of which is the Kings of Legends book:
Kings and Legends

The Kings and Legends Expansion is completely written and is now in the process of being laid out and having photography taken. Here’s what Alessio had to say about the new book:

Within these pages you are going to find many new Living Legends for all of the races of Kings of War. Their evocative stories and rules are going to further enrich the ever-changing tapestry that is the developing World of Mantica. Remember, some of them have been created thanks to suggestions come directly from you, the members of our faithful community. We cannot thank you enough.

In the middle of the book you will also find the brand new Ogres Force List, which allows you to field an army entirely made of these brutal humanoids.

One of the new characters is Berosos, a cleric from Basilia:

When the armies of Basilea march to war, they are often accompanied by heavenly, angelic hosts of Elohi, their songs of purity and war bolstering the hearts of the faithful. The High Priest is one of the few mortals able to speak the tongue of the Elohi and this he does as the hosts make war, his voice carrying for many leagues as if calling the Winged Ones to attend to the fates of men. Wherever Berosos treads upon the field of battle, the skies directly overhead are invariably thick with wheeling Elohi; a sight that bolsters the hearts of the faithful while filling those of the fallen with stark, raving terror.

And finally…

This is the render of Samantha Lee – an Angel Mage-Hero (name tbc) modeled on the wife of one of our Living Legends. Nice, isn't she?

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