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El Kickstarter que lanzaron Eastern Front Studio y Kobold Press le quedan menos de 5 días para finalizar. Con una recaudación total de 15.771 $, de los 3.000 $ inicialmente necesarios, entre 184 participantes les está yendo bastante bien. Esta gama de Miniaturas para el juego de rol Midgar de Kobold Press son muy bonitas además que tiene unas criaturas y estilo curioso. Fijarse sobre todo en el Cuervo Mago y en los Kobolds y en el Gypsosphinx.


Six years ago we were first introduced to the world of Midgard by the folks over at Kobold Press and their Kobold-in-Chief Wolfgang Baur. Midgard has grown considerably in that time, especially with the recent release of the Midgard Campaign Setting.
But in all that time one problem has remained - how to represent the unique characters and races from Midgard on the gaming table. Perhaps a skeleton for an Imperial Ghoul? A goblin for a Kobold? And what about Dragonkin, Gear Mages, Harem Assassins? And with the newly released Campaign setting even more people are now in need of characters and monsters to suit their game for this wonderful new world.
Well EasternFront Studios and Kobold Press have teamed up to bring the world of Midgard to life on your gaming table with an exciting new range of quality miniatures.
Mick Leach and his stable of talented artists and sculptors have already started work on bringing these miniatures to your gaming table. The initial goal is to fund the production of 6 miniatures of the same quality that you have come to expect from EasternFront Studios. Check out pics of the initial minis below - the Dwarf Wanderer, Ghoul Necromancer, Gear Mage, Harem Assassin, Bone Collective and Aboleth.

Here in our trading house you'll find the various minis you can choose from. All Type M, or man-sized or smaller minis count as a single Mini Choice. Type L or larger minis count as multiple choices.
For example, if you want an Aboleth, either add $20 to your pledge, or trade in 5 of your Type M choices.
Only Bandits and higher can access the Type L Choices, Add-Ons, Extras and Upgrades. Goblins are only able to make a single choice from the Type M choices and Thralls are unable to access the goodies that can be found here. These restrictions are due to postage costs being included in the higher levels.

Bonus Kobolds

Hand Sprues

A hand sprue is a selection of hands to fit a particular model holding different items or weapons (or nothing) to give the model more customisation.
The hand sprues available are:
  • Minotaur Corsair (female)
  • Raven Mage
  • Mharoti Emissary
  • Gear Mage (female)
  • Wit, Kobold Rogue
  • Tiefling Summoner
Resin hand sprues count as a Type M mini or cost $4.
Metal hand sprues cost $6.


+$2 -- Upgrade 1 Type M Mini from Resin to Metal
+$5 -- Upgrade standard Aboleth base to alternate blue water base


Just increase your pledge by the amounts shown for each item below.
+$4 -- Add 1 Resin Type M Choice
+$6 -- Add 1 Metal Type M Choice

Limited Edition Baba Yaga's Hut

$17,000 Goal - Deer Centaur (Alseid)

If we reach $17,000 we'll unlock the Deer Centaur as an option for you to select.

$17,000 Bonus - Nerl the Kobold Bard

Also, if we reach $17,000 we'll give everyone who gets BANDIT KING reward level or higher another free mini - Nerl the Kobold Bard.

Customisation Stretch Goals

In addition to the stretch goals above, we also have a number of Hand Sprue goals. A hand sprue means a selection of hands to fit a particular model holding different items or weapons (or nothing) to give the model more customisation.
Here is a list of the hand sprue stretch goals:
  • $13,000 Minotaur Corsair (female) - ACHIEVED
  • $13,500 Raven Mage - ACHIEVED
  • $14,000 Mharoti Emissary - ACHIEVED
  • $14,500 Gear Mage (female) - ACHIEVED
  • $15,000 Wit, Kobold Rogue - ACHIEVED
  • $15,500 Tiefling Summoner - ACHIEVED
  • $16,000 Kobold Miner - almost there...
  • $16,500 Kobold Druid
  • $17,000 Alseid (Deer Centaur)

We want to try and make this kickstarter as flexible for you as possible and minimise complex trades so we can focus on making you quality miniatures and getting them to your gaming table as quickly as possible.
Each miniature in this kickstarter is classified as one of 2 types: Type M (up to 35mm in height) or Type L (over 35mm in height). Each Pledge Level from GOBLIN onwards gives you the choice of one or more Type M miniatures that you can choose from the initial list and any unlocked through stretch goals. These choices can also be traded in for Type L minis. The Eastern Front Trading House section below outlines how many Type M choices each Type L mini counts as.
The Trading House also contains other extras and options that you can add to your pledge and rewards. For example, you can add more Type M and Type L minis to your rewards and 'upgrade' your resin Type M miniatures to metal (Type L miniatures, such as the Aboleth, cannot be made in metal).

All rights to the custom miniatures remain with EasternFront Studios and Kobold Press. This includes sole rights to manufacture and produce them.
Finally, you can choose a maximum of 10 miniatures of a specific model due to Kickstarter guidelines.

We have four fantastic sculptors working on this project. Here is a little bit about them and some examples of their work.
Tim Prow has been sculpting for 15 years and has produced work for FASA, WizKids, and Reaper. He spends much of his current time running his own studio, through which his work he has been involved in film and TV.

Jason Wiebe has sculpted for Reaper, Dragon Forge, WizKids and Wizards of the Coast and is the chief wizard at Pariah Artworks. He is also sculpting the miniatures for Low Life and will initially be responsible for any and all kobolds in this kickstarter.

Fancagne Didier, in addition to being a renowned sculptor, is also multi-lingual speaking Vietnamese, Vanuatu Seke, English and French. He is spending much of his recent time sculpting for Kaha Miniatures.

Drew Williams is a regular at Gen Con, won 2 Frothers Unite! Pro-Am sculpting competitions, has sculpted for AEG, EM-4 Miniatures, Demonblade Games and Black Orc Games and sculpts maquettes for Pixar.

Thanks to all of our wonderful backers we were funded in just over 24 hours and have now unlocked 9 stretch goals!!
Your support is greatly appreciated and each and every one of you rock.
With your help we can bring even more miniatures to your gaming table. All Kickstarters rely on the word of mouth of backers to succeed and this one is no exception. Please help us by using these avatar and banner images here on Kickstarter and any where else you can.

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Eastern Front Studios has acquired the exclusive licensing rights to produce the Official Midgard RPG miniatures line and has worked with Kobold Press and Wolfgang Baur on this project for nearly 2 years. This has allowed us to address the risks during the pre-production and production phases to make sure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to be able to deliver these miniatures to you.
We have a lot of experience in delivering rewards for kickstarters through running the Dwarf Gladiators kickstarter and supporting others such as the Fallen City of Carez boardgame by Golden Egg, Andy Hopp's Low Life Miniatures and the Bleeding Hollow by TPK Games.
Based on this experience we know that there are a number of points in the process where delays can occur:
■ Sculpting
■ Production
■ Quality Control
■ Shipping
At the moment, Bleeding Hollow, Fallen City and Dwarf Gladiators are all on schedule and expected to meet their shipping dates. Low Life has been slightly delayed but is expected to ship in January, within 4 weeks of its initial delivery date.
The expanded team is staying focused on keeping our many newly made friends up-to-date with these projects and answering any questions they may have.
The biggest challenge we can think of is that of extreme success. We have prepared as best as possible for this outcome. The first 6 of these miniatures are already made in preproduction GREENS and we have dozens of possible designs ready to give to our professional and talented sculptors, who are up to the job. The one thing it might do is delay our ability to send out the final rewards to you by a few months. Of course we'll keep you completely informed of any challenges or obstacles such as these that might affect our delivery dates throughout the kickstarter and beyond.

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