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El Kickstarter de Beyond the Gates of Antares ya ha recaudado 62,674 £ con la participación de 566 backers. En esta novena actualización nos habla de forma general de las distintas facciones y que las componen y ciertos tratos que llevan unas con otras.

Además hemos creado el club de Somos Fans de Rorkror!!! en Facebook apuntaos os esperamos.

Recordad mientras dure el Kickstarter podréis participar de forma gratuita en el desarrollo y diseño del juego desde los foros de Dark Space Corp, una vez que finalice el Kickstarter solo podrán acceder a los mismos los que hayan participado en el Kickstarter.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
We're all nice and refreshed thanks to some sleep and seeing our families again, so its time to get back to business. 
We have lots of interesting updates to share with you this week, including the start of Kev's Hansa modelling and some more details on the initial figure list we'll have for launch so lets get into it with this:

Concord factions - CoCom strike units are recruited and provisioned by the CoCom and have a military level of equipment - because all Concord fighting troops are volunteers (or in effect mercenaries) they tend to comprise Revers, various types of Pans - mostly from within the Concord but not exclusively - ditto types of Sims - and a significant element of sentient machines notably WarDrones. Concord exploratory and mission specific units are more likely to be mercenary units (effectively warbands or professional hired fighters) and have a more variable but individual level of equipment and fewer sentient machines. NuHu can appear in both - but have a role of 'special advisors' and sometimes as technicians or investigators. For example, a mission might be to accompany a NuHu survey team to a newly discovered world to project it whilst it conducts a cultural analysis of the native population, a bio-assessment, or some such task.
Isorian faction - the Isorians are essentially a breakaway group of the Concord and they are similar in respect of how the forces operate.The difference is that the Isorians have direct contact with a different group of alien and have developed some unique technologies that are incompatible with the Concord (for various reasons - but mostly I think of this as a giant 'software bug'). This includes Isorian phase-armour - which is the basic armour type for the military arm of the Isor.
Freebooters - Shard and ExCon - these are traders, gunrunners, occasional mercenaries, criminal gangs, and working adventurers - in other words guys whose prime motivation is to look after themselves. I have made these two separate factions corresponding to those who work within the Concord and those who don't - but I'm tempted to amalgamate them, as I'm not sure there's enough essential difference. In the meta-game some of the episodes would invite the Freebooters to enter results for one of the other factions -and they would pick up the benefits from the faction they support. This would neatly divide Freebooter factions anyway, and would enable Freebooter players to 'play the field' - making them really mercenary and opportunistic - which I rather like! Anyway - mostly Revers but also Pans, Sims and renegade aliens - some sentient machines but not universal.
Determinate - I currently have this as one faction in the game - but really it's representing a loose alliance of mostly Pan civilisations that maintain their independence outside of the Concord and Isorian Shards. Their forces would be mostly made up of the Pan or Sim type specific to one world - and might have a military or mercenary type of organising depending upon type. The potential here is for a huge number of distinct armies - as well as mixed 'allied' forces for players who prefer to mix - but some of the Determinate forces will be extreme isolationists - such as the Gwar. To start with we'll make models for Determinate forces that are less rabidly specie-ist (is that a word!) as otherwise we have to make very large numbers of models to facilitate play. There is obviously the potential for us to divide Determinate forces into separate factions - but the players can drive that i.e. if enough players want a 'Gwar' faction then the Gwar will go it alone.
Vorl Orde - the Vorl - and most pure alien species - will have forces of that species - these might include mercenary human types in some cases - but not on the whole. The Vorl shock troops are A-G troops (anti-grav) and these are the troops most likely to be encountered in military type conflicts. I am picturing the Vorl as quite a militarised race – divided into a number of Orde which might occasionally fight amongst themselves, especially where the Prime Orde (if that is the term) is weakened in some fashion.
- Rick Priestley
So which faction will you pick? head to the forums to discuss 
Help us spread the word - If you find this email interesting why not forward it to your friends?
We need to make sure everybody knows about us, so we’ve made some helpful artwork to help spread the word. GoA is all about involving you guys right at the start and our first job is to get us funded! So get creative on it, anything you can think of to spread the word from wandering around your home town with a robot WarDrone suit on (ok, so we haven’t actually made any but a simple cardboard box with the words “I’m a WarDrone – Pledge NOW or my IMTel nano-drones will infect you” will probably work!) to downloading this PDF (, emailing it to your friends and relatives, printing it out and handing it out to literally everyone you come across, you can even get some blu-tack and stick it on the foreheads of shop owners if you like! (apologies if you are actually a shop owner… stick it to a customer’s forehead perhaps? )
Anyway, the point is: If you tell as many people as possible there’s a much better chance of us first: hitting our funding target, and second: hitting some of our stretch goals and ultimately giving you even more cool stuff to play with.
Here’s the arty stuff: we’ve got banners, forum avatars and even facebook covers!  
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