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El Kickstarter de Beyond the Gates of Antares  ya se han unido 898 personas y quedan aun 33 días  para finalizar con 95,768 £. recaudadas.

De nuevo tres actualizaciones muy suculentas en la primera nos  adelanta todo lo que nos espera y no es poco, os lo aseguro, y el trayecto final va a ser genial, luego sigue una actualización sobre los Freeborn y una tercera en las que se presentan insignias de las facciones. No te lo pierdas wargamer.

Recordad mientras dure el Kickstarter podréis participar de forma gratuita en el desarrollo y diseño del juego desde los foros de Dark Space Corp, una vez que finalice el Kickstarter solo podrán acceder a los mismos los que hayan participado en el Kickstarter.


Hi everyone
We're moving into the crucial second half of our Kickstarter and as you'd expect we've been busy trying to make sure that we can hit our target buy focusing on the big items you've all said you wanted. Well, I think we've got that sorted and the our remaining days should be full to the brim with great content updates. A number of people in the forums wanted to know more about what we're working on, so here's a handy list:
  • Developing a WarDrone(or two) in front of your very eyes
  • Golem's painting process whilst they use their awesome skills on our Hansa miniature (and others!) 
  • Boromites Green(s)
  • CoCom Green
  • Freebooters (soon to be renamed Freeborn) Concept Art
  • Algoryn Concept Art
  • Isorian Concept Art
  • NuHu Concept Art
  • CoCom Concept Art
  • Example armies for each faction 
  • Faction Icons
  • Real-time Dynamic Gaming Universe - graphical representation of how this will work, with a video explaining it to boot!
  • Club real-time incentive program - oooh you'll like this we think!
  • Outline Rulebook - this has taken a little longer than we wanted as Rick has been pulled around doing all kinds of PR activities. We're still on track for our original target of the early Feb - Some backers are playing GoA games using the information we've already released!
  • Stores - we're rolling out a couple of new store reward tiers and will be reaching out to stores directly. If you want to support your local stores by buying your Kickstarter rewards through them, you can! If you are a store and are not on Warlords list, get in touch (Details on our website).
  • We even have a collaboration miniature to announce in the near future! (fingers crossed!)
  • More greens!
What I can't tell you right now is exactly when these things will come through. Like with any creative endeavour things change all the time, sometimes you need a little extra time to tweak and sometimes you even have to go back to the drawing board - we've had a couple of them already! - but come through they will, and more besides.
Thanks for sticking with us so far, the next part should be fun :)
To keep you going until tomorrow, here's volume 4 of the Q&A we did:


Hi everyone 
Ok, so finally we've got some more concepts to show you guys - hurrah I hear you cry!
First up though - We're changing the name of the 'Freebooters' to the FREEBORN - as we think this is a much better name that encapsulates their faction values and background. Hope you do to.
We have two versions of this graphic, the full version - which you see here - and the cut down version which will be on the front page of Kickstarter and will link directly to the full version. These chaps need some background and Rick's been very busy writing it to help give our ideas about this faction more context. 
Head over to the forums if you'd like to discuss

Hey everyone! 
The feedback on our Freeborn concepts was incredible! Thank you!
Today's update is more artwork in the form of faction icons. One of the big things you guys have been talking to us about is having an identity with the factions, so we've worked up some icons that will go with the concepts and backgrounds of each faction and should help to give you more flavour for each. Thank you to those of you that contributed to the Isorian request for ideas on the forums - you'll see some of your ideas captured within the icon :)
Quick note: As mentioned previously, the Determinate is a multi-faceted faction and the Algoryn are our first range of Determinate miniatures. Ultimately the Determinate will have many icons representing each of their divisions and the one below specifically represents the Algoryn.
Head over to the forums to discuss
Help us spread the word If this email is interesting why not forward it to your friends?
We need to make sure everybody knows about us, so we’ve made some helpful artwork to help spread the word. GoA is all about involving you guys right at the start and our first job is to get us funded! So get creative on it, anything you can think of to spread the word from wandering around your home town with a robot WarDrone suit on (ok, so we haven’t actually made any but a simple cardboard box with the words “I’m a WarDrone – Pledge NOW or my IMTel nano-drones will infect you” will probably work!) to downloading this PDF (http://www.darkspacecorp.com/ks-flyer/), emailing it to your friends and relatives, printing it out and handing it out to literally everyone you come across, you can even get some blu-tack and stick it on the foreheads of shop owners if you like! (apologies if you are actually a shop owner… stick it to a customer’s forehead perhaps? )
Anyway, the point is: If you tell as many people as possible there’s a much better chance of us first: hitting our funding target, and second: hitting some of our stretch goals and ultimately giving you even more cool stuff to play with.
Here’s the arty stuff: we’ve got banners & forum avatars

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